China's Dungeon - Dixia Cheng, A Hideout Against Genetical Warfare

01-Oct-2020 , Updated on 10/1/2020 5:25:19 AM

China's Dungeon - Dixia Cheng, A Hideout Against Genetical Warfare

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In Corona's case, China is settling in a new kind of city amid allegations of negligence. According to reports in international media, the city is being designed so that it is safe from all kinds of epidemics.

According to the Daily Mail, the city is getting ready in Beijing Xiong New Area. By the way, this way of China making secret cities is not new, even before it has become an underground city in Beijing. After the second world war, China had built this city to avoid the attack of any country. Know about this secret city of China.

China's dungeon 

The city of Dixia Cheng (Dìxià Chéng), located just below Beijing, has millions of people living in inhuman conditions within the tunnels. Although his talks are rarely exposed to the world. The circumstances of this city of China can be interpreted only by its name. Dixia Cheng (Dìxià Chéng) Chinese means dungeon or dark cellar. It is also called underground great wall. 

 Only guess can be made

So far, it has not been known how many houses are in the city under the ground or how many tunnels are built. From below the ground, it connects to all the government and important buildings of Beijing. It is estimated that there must have been more than 900 entry and exit doors to get out of the land at some point of time. 

The scared Chinese leader appealed to Russia 

From 1969, the work of making it continued for 10 whole years. Within the land there was a special purpose of establishing a city. At that time relations between China and Russia were quite bad and amidst the cold war, China feared that Russia might launch a nuclear attack on it.

This fear of China was also strengthened by the continuous military encounter between China and Russia for several months. China was confident that the war could begin at any time. In such a situation, Chinese Communist leader Maotse Tung (Mao Zedong) appealed to his citizens to dig up the land. 

Something like this was a structure 

His message was- 'Shenwadong, Chengjiang, buchengba'. That means dig deep tunnels, collect food and get ready for battle. Mao had a profound impact on the people of China. On appeal more than 3 lakh people started digging the land with their own hands.

Military engineers also helped build this city just below Beijing. If atomic bombs fell, people could survive, so that 10,000 atomic bunkers were prepared far below the ground. Become a restaurant so that people do not get bored if they have to stay inside for a long time. There were also factories, theaters, warehouses, mushroom farms and playgrounds. 

All those structures were built under the ground, which could be thought that if nuclear war broke out, it would be necessary to live. In the seventies, the Chinese government had said that this place is so large and designed in such a way that the population of Beijing will be included in it. At that time, Beijing had a population of about six million. 

What happened to the city later ?

There was no nuclear war and there was no need to stay under this city. Many parts of it were given to the work of offices. However, with time the poor population started settling under the ground.

This was the population that was coming from village to city in search of work. Beijing was already densely populated, so people started settling under the ground. Rat Tribe, a tribe of China, has been living here ever since it was ready. The rest of the people settle here because of the cheap and whenever the money comes and gets a chance to settle out of the land, they leave this city. 

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