Indian Brain Vs Chinese Brain- In Figures


Indian Brain Vs Chinese Brain- In Figures

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Some time ago, under an experiment, researchers formulated the Indian brain atlas for the first time. A comparison of this digital image of the brain with the Chinese brain yielded surprising results.

According to this, the brain of Indians is smaller in size than the brain of the Chinese. This research was done by the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad. In the research, people of European descent were also compared to the Indian brain. Its results were also similar. So do Indians have fewer brains than Chinese?

The researchers of IIIT prepared the Indian Human Brain Altus only last year. It is prepared through an MRI scan. Also, many other techniques are taken to help create an authentic digital image of the brain. This is helping a lot in brain studies. The initiative to create the brain atlas was first prepared by the Montreal Neurological Institute, Canada. In it, a brain image of white people of 305 European origins was created. 

100 people who were mentally and physically fit were selected to prepare the Indian Human Brain Atlas. Divided into 50 women and men, the age of these people was between 21 to 30 years.

A digital atlas of his brain was prepared through MRI. On comparing these with the Chinese brain, it was found that the Indian brain is almost equal to the Chinese brain in length but much less in height and width. 

The Economic Times has compared the brain atlas quoted in the study published in the science journal Neuroscience India. It shows that the length, width and height of the Indian Brain Atlas are 160, 130, and 88 respectively.

At the same time, the length, width, and height of Chinese brain atlas are 160, 136, and 92 respectively. All these figures are in millimeters. Even there is a difference in the brain volume of the two countries. The brain volume of Indians was 1.39 while that of Chinese was found to be 1.63 cubic dimeters (dm3). 

This brain atlas was created for the study of dementia, but now it is believed that it will provide much important information. By the way, know that brain size has nothing to do with intelligence. Our mind is three times smaller than the mind of our ancestors but we are far ahead in terms of science and understanding. 

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Now many experiments are being done to understand the brain. It began in the early 1950s by cutting the brain of a man named Henry Molleson. A neurosurgeon named William Scoville removed a part of his brain named the Hippocampus.

However, after this part of the emotion-controlling part came out, Henry forgot everything. Even they started eating food for twenty times in a day because they could not remember that they had eaten. A study of this person showed that there is a deep connection between information and memory. 

In an exhibition in London, many types of professionals in the world were shown. They included from the brain of the wise to the killers. In this exhibition titled Brens: The Mind as Matter, the left part of the brain of mathematician Charles Babbage and two slides of Einstein's brain are kept, on which many experiments have been done.

By experimenting, scientists have rejected the ideology of the 19th century that smart people have bigger brains. Although still many things about the brain have not been known.

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