Understanding Science Behind "Supercool Water"


Understanding Science Behind "Supercool Water"

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There is no such thing as water in the world. Apart from its importance in life, it has many such characteristics as a substance which are rarely in any substance of the world. It gets even more out of these strange features when it falls into a very cool state i.e Supercool State. Researchers have found that in this state, liquid water contains a mixture of two structures.

What is the supercool condition ?

The supercool state of any fluid is when it is cooled to a temperature lower than the temperature of its deposition point, but its state is not allowed to solidify. Many animals are used by this process, even many of the beverages kept in our fridge are not able to freeze for this, its techniques are also used. 

At what low temperature

Till now, the treatment of liquid water at very low temperatures has never been a straightforward and simple matter. Some scientists have also tried this to see if water can actually be maintained in liquid state up to 190 Kelvin or -83 degree Celsius. The new study provides long-awaited experimental data to explain the strange behavior of very low water temperatures. It suggests that supercool water is two ways in a liquid. 

Liquidity becomes permanent

Chemical physicist Greg Kimel stated, "We have shown that at very cold temperatures, liquid water is not only relatively stable but also has two distinct characteristics." For a long time, there was a dispute about whether supercool water will always turn into crystals or not. This investigation also explains this does not happen at all. " 

High-density carry

For this study, scientists used data from various models proposed to explain unusual characteristics of water. Data from the "stop motion" images of supercool water suggest that water can be condensed into a high-density liquid structure. 

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With two structures

The special thing of this high density is that it can live with a low-density structure, which corresponds to the special connection of water. The high-density ratio starts decreasing rapidly when the temperature goes from -18 ° C to -83 ° C. This point supports those models of supercool water that call it a mixture. 

When scientists attacked the laser on a thin film of ice using infrared spectroscopy, they found that the water molecules had come to a standstill. In this situation, the state of supercool water was formed for a few nanoseconds. Scientist Lonnie Cringley said that the most important thing to be seen in this was that this change of structure can be made again and it can also be regained. 

Its role in the upper part of the atmosphere

This study has great significance for the processes in the upper part of our atmosphere. There is a process to become the most special graupel in it. At the altitude in the atmosphere, there are pieces of propel ice that interact with supercooled liquid water. Gropes are formed in very cold stormy weather. These can have an impact on the flight of the aircraft.

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