World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 : Necessity To Save Life


World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 : Necessity To Save Life

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 : Life is precious, it should be lived with seriousness. It is also said that once life is found, something should be done in it that will be remembered for many years. In contrast, every year a large number of people commit suicide and end this beautiful life.

Apart from the loss of the future of the country, there is also a huge loss of family and close people. Keeping these things in mind, World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated every year on 10 September. World Suicide Prevention Day is being celebrated today

Suicide cases are seen in every section of the society. People of every class and every religion are involved in this. Society and the government have to come together to stop it. The tendency of suicide is becoming a canker which is very important to stop. Before everything ends and it gets delayed, we have to come forward to stop it. Some of the factors required to prevent suicide are explained in this article. 

If a person is referring to his old memorabilia repeatedly and gets emotional while remembering them, then it is important for the front person to understand that there is something wrong. In such a situation, apart from listening to his mind, he should explain the values ​​of life while giving proper advice. 

Every person goes through some problem, in such a situation the normal person should try to reduce the depression while staying near him. By living in a calm environment, changes in mental conditions are definitely seen. 

The highest number of suicides are seen in mentally ill people. In this case, the need is to get proper treatment. Many times the person gets to witness incidents of molestation or misbehavior after his mental condition gets worse.

This brings a sense of negativity towards society and people on his mindset and in the end he thinks of ending life. Suicide can be prevented by identifying and providing treatment to such people. 

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There should be efforts to prevent this from suicide prevention awareness camps. People from every section can be involved in this and can stop it by running campaigns from time to time. This will bring positive energy in the minds of people and once the definition of life is understood, man will never think about walking on this path. 

Some people try to go far away from society and their people by talking about many things of dissatisfaction and in the end news of their suicide comes out. Such persons should be given a proper place while trying to explain the importance of themselves and belonging. Due to this, negative feelings filled in the mind will be positive and the idea of ​​suicide will not come in the mind.

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