Whatever Happens Just Go With It !


Whatever Happens Just Go With It !

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Whatever happens, just go with it!  People have often heard them saying that their human dignity, their fame, inadequacy, their happiness and sorrow, and their benefits, etc. have all remained in the hands of man. In a sense, this belief can also be called true and appropriate.

He is such that a man acts like good and bad, in the same way, he has to take loss and profit. After listening to them, the behavior of the world also becomes like deeds for him, that is, he becomes a partaker of good deeds and respect.

From birth to death, man is able to earn profit, fame and waste. He does not have his own control or hand in it at all. The creator has to bear the same amount of profit and loss as he wishes. Humiliation also has to be endured. Life and death remain in the hands of the creator, but not in his own control in a completely unconvincing form. 

When we seriously consider the prevailing notion and virtue of karma, weighing or examining the truth on the basis of folk's experiences, the poet's recognition often appears to be true and more rational. A person keeps working hard day and day thinking that by getting his success, he will be able to experience happiness and success in life, but the opposite is true.

The creator makes all the fantasies by turning the water on his work. The reality of this thing can be easily understood by an example. A farmer grows hard crops day and night. The mind does not flourish by admiring the success of its work and hard work in the form of broad crops. But suddenly in the night, when it rains or floods, it destroys all of them. Now, what would you like to say? Everything is really in the hands of the creator. What else can one say besides this? 

Just like a man does a variety of good and bad deeds, he keeps on accumulating wealth by accumulating many types of papad. This mind is also very happy after thinking that it does not have to worry about the future.

Then suddenly an epidemic, an accident takes its life, and the basis of the imagination of his future pleasures, what wealth can he give to his life, he cannot even protect his life. In this too, the wish of the creator is considered.

One has to be satisfied only by saying that the remaining people had to accept the same. Who can postpone his wish? It is clear that man is helpless and helpless in front of the will of the creator. Whatever happened, whatever happened or is happening, whatever happened or happened in the future. It was and will be, the result of his desire. 

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Many times a person does good deeds because his result will be a boost to fame. So he keeps doing his karma. But his opponents are born and waste all his hard work. He is forced to suffer humiliation in place of honor and inadequate in place of fame. For example, a person is going somewhere on his car or similar vehicle. In the hearth of the trail, a woman suddenly hands in front of her and signals her to stop. He stops in good faith. He is forced and helpless in his words, ready to help her.

He gets a question on his vehicle. Upon reaching some crowded place or a crowded place, the woman wakes up saying that whatever is nearby, take it out and give it to me. Take off the clock and chain and hand it over to me, otherwise I will gather the crowd by shouting. Now tell, what will it be called? Neither will he grow out of it or swallow it. Where did you go to harm? 

Thus, it should be accepted that man has nothing in his hand. Whatever it is, it is in the hands of the law. The same Vishwakarta, Bharta and Harata is everything. It is the result of his desire and reluctance. This visual world. Its particle-by-particle operates from it. The wind blows due to his will. It rains.

Moon and sun stars come in sequence. At the same time, Yash-Apayash, Maan-Samman, etc. is the doer and giver in everything. While giving this further indication, Lord Shri Krishna said to Arjuna in the Gita, offer your good and bad to me. You just keep doing duty by following my orders. So the poet here also has the intention to consider everyone in the hands of God, loss and gain, fame and waste, etc. and perform his duties.

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