Living with Plastic; Not Fantastic
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Living with Plastic; Not Fantastic

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Every year, the whole world celebrates a day as the ‘World Environment Day’ to represents their commitment towards living in harmony with Nature. Whereas, life is becoming modern with each passing day and the enhanced aspiration has its own impact on the environment. The biggest concern of environmental impact is the inexorable growth of plastic in our daily life. As the title suggests, ‘Living with Plastic’ is completely true with the current scenario. Our life is filled with the use of plastic, and we are using it without making any second thought.

Living with Plastic; Not Fantastic

The Plastic is not only can be seen in our house and on the roads, but also these plastics have covered the Oceans, Rivers, Mountains, Forest etc. in short the plastic is everywhere. The coverage of plastic is so huge that it doesn’t come as a surprise that, the Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna river system came under the United Nations maps of 10 rivers worldwide which together collect the huge amount of plastic waste towards the Ocean. It became a huge matter of concern as the effect of plastic is very much evident in the river water. The marine life in the river system are suffering badly as well the quality of water supply to the household use has been adversely affected due to the plastic use.

Living with Plastic; Not Fantastic

Not only rivers or water came under the pollution of plastic, whereas, soil, air, and human life are also getting affected due to the extreme preference of plastic in our daily life. The Plastic Waste Management initiative by the government is also not getting much effective, because of the extremely wide coverage of plastic. Silently, we are killing ourselves by using plastic effectively in our daily life. The convenient use of plastic making everyone dependable over plastic. We are so much influenced by the use of plastic that we use maximum things in our daily life is made with plastic.

Living with Plastic; Not Fantastic

The influence of plastic is very high in our life, that expecting something which is free from plastic whether it is the packaging of the product or the production phase of the material, is really a big demand from an individual to expect something like this. Is it really such a hard job to avoid the use of plastic? Every positive impact requires an initiative, and the initiative can be started from basics in our daily life.

It is up to us to make our life and future better and safe. It is not worth harming yourself with your activities. At least, just for the sake of our life, every individual can take responsibility of their own. Just start it from basic i.e. avoid using plastic bags for shopping, for storing vegetables in the refrigerators. This small initiative can even do wonders. Because it is not possible to completely stop the use of plastic as many small items become necessary for our day-to-day life. Just take the small step and move a step towards a fantastic life, not the plastic filled life.

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