Moral Duties of Citizens on Road
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03-Dec-2018 , Updated on 12/4/2018 4:42:51 AM

Moral Duties of Citizens on Road

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Every year over 1 Lakh people die in road accidents in India only. The top three Indian states on road accidents are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu and together counted for about 33% of the total Indian traffic fatalities. In spite of these scenarios, people are losing interest in helping the people who face accidents on road.

In India, it doesn’t take much time for a crowd to gather at the accident area. People are so curious to witness the accident that they even stop the traffic just to get a quick or long peek for whatever is happening on the road whether it was an accident or some roadshow is going on. The curiosity level is at its peak level that people even take pictures and make a video of the person who suffered an accident.

Moral Duties of Citizens on Road

In spite of helping the person, people are behaving like a mere spectator for this. People don’t want to exercise their responsibility just because they fear of Police Case. The public is unaware of their rights and law of Section 134A of the Motor Vehicles Act- the Good Samaritan Law. This law gives them an authority to help any person on the road who suffered from an accident. This is the main reason that people restrain themselves from helping others. Not only the public even the maximum number of cops and hospitals unaware of this law.

Helping a person who suffered a road accident is the moral duty of every individual. It doesn’t take much from you to help a needy. Don’t just watch a person dying on road. At least call for an emergency service for help. Donating your time for saving a life is not a big price. Instead of saving a life is a big thing.

We all know, nowadays people are becoming emotionless and very impatient. They just hit the person and left the sufferer for his death, just to save himself or herself from the police. This kind of attitude is very bad, why don’t try to drive slowly instead of committing an accident? Every life is very important, it might be possible that today it’s someone else and tomorrow it might be you.

Please, try to value every life whether the driver is on bicycle, bike, and car or on any public transport. In addition to this take care of animals on road as well, don’t hit or kill them under your speedy vehicle.

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