A senior lawyer shot to death on road: Is Allahabad Secure?

A 45-year-old region court legal advisor, Rajesh Srivastava, was shot dead by bicycle-borne attackers close Manmohan Park crossing in Katra region in Colonelganj police zone on Thursday morning when he would go to the court.

As the news spread, a gigantic horde of nearby occupants including scores of legal advisors accumulated at the spot looking for the prompt capture of the aggressors. The group later obstructed the street only a short distance far from the workplace of the locale police boss and set a transport ablaze.

The group likewise blocked vehicular development on MG Marg and Collectorate Street for over two hours. The legal counselor's relatives, who excessively joined the group, declined to hand over his body to the police for posthumous requesting pay and quick capture of the executioners.

The police took over two hours to mollify the dissenters and clear the street for activity.

Reports said the attackers shot the legal counselor at point clear range in full general visibility when he was setting off to the local court on a mobile from his home situated in Rambagh. He was hurried to the region doctor's facility were the specialists announced him dead.

Unexpectedly, the murdering was executed at around 10:20 am when boss secretary Rajive Kumar and DGP O P Singh had arrived in the city to survey arrangements being made for Kumbh-2019.

It’s been a week since this incident happens and now it has raised so many questions on Allahabad police and the level of security they are capable of providing. I mean just think for a while that how fearless criminal were as they shot a person on road in front of a mass public.

Seriously it’s a big issue…….!

Vishal Kesarwani

Vishal Kesarwani 5 months ago  Reply

Though the criminals involved in the case are caught by the Police. But Allahabad Police and its level of security will always be questioned because of this case.....

akriti kashyap

akriti kashyap 5 months ago  Reply

Just saw the Cctv footage of the whole incident and I completely got shocked..... I mean how fearless the criminals have become unafraid of security and other aspects... Allahabad Police needs a major introspection.....

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