Poor Outcomes of Skill India

17-Nov-2018 , Updated on 11/21/2018 4:15:12 AM

Poor Outcomes of Skill India

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The vision “Skill India” initiative from the government has taken to provide Vocational Training to enhance the technical skills of people and help to achieve a good working platform. The Skill Development program of government didn’t get the expected amount of success due to the lack of available resources and the industries to provide vocational training to a huge amount of people at a time.

Poor Outcomes of Skill India

The government has invested a lot amount of money for skilling people, generating employment and providing a livelihood. Every year millions of youth enter into the workforce area but due to lack of skills and proper knowledge, they were unable to grab a job for themselves. In addition to this, there is a lack of employment generation in India as well, which is making rising unemployment a major concern for the government.

Job seekers under vocational training, many are from rural areas and after training getting placed at cities. The trainees in cities find difficulty in matching with the pace of the city and adjusting in such an alien condition of the city and resulting in quitting the job and returning back to their villages or hometown. Which makes employers frustrated and skill-training firms helpless.

Poor Outcomes of Skill India

The Training Institutes are not being able to provide a good training and proper industry exposure in such a short training duration and candidates are made to spend their maximum time in classroom learning. As, we all know a skill training is not about classroom teaching, in contrast to this a skill training is based on industry exposure and practical learning. The trainees expect instant earning after the training period but somehow the delay in payment or keeping trainees on testing period makes trainees lose their patience and quitting the job.

People also need to be aware of learning skills on their own. Theoretical learning is good but practical knowledge is very important for an individual to survive in the industry. The government’s initiative is commendable but acceptance from the people and knowing its importance is needed. The Skill Development Training is losing its outcome just because of insufficient resources, commitment, and dedication from the people. The introduction of Universities only for Skill learning can minimize this outcome. The Skill India Policy needs a second chance and other good initiatives’ are needed to generate awareness among people.

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