Apart from Cricket Other Sports also require Attention

10-Apr-2019 , Updated on 4/10/2019 12:38:48 AM

Apart from Cricket Other Sports also require Attention

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India’s love and dedication towards Cricket are very evident that the sport holds a huge fan-following of not only of the audience but also of media and government authorities. Such that, people have even forgotten that there are other sports as well, where India can excel at the International Platform. But the ease of playing Cricket has attracted a whole lot of viewership and the sportsmen as well. So, there are a few players who used to opt for other sports like, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Wrestling, Boxing, Shooting, Weightlifting, and other sport.

The Youth of India is interested in making sports as a career apart from Cricket. But for this, they need proper facilities and training. In India, the only available quality facility for the sport is for Cricket. There was a time when Hockey was at its peak and won the maximum number of Gold Medals in the Olympics Games, but now the situation is just reverse of that for this sport. Not only in hockey whereas in various other sports the Indian Youth can excel.

Apart from Cricket Other Sports also require Attention

The rich history of Hockey make it the status of National Game of India, but in reality, there is no such National Sport in India. The decline of the craze for the sport is due to the political and internal disputes between the authorities ‘Hockey India’ and ‘Indian Hockey Federation’. Despite all these disputes, in the current scenario, India is trying harder to gain their position. But for this, they need proper support from the Government and the Hockey Federation as well as from the public who used to take interest and support the players.

Apart from Cricket Other Sports also require Attention

There was a time when Football was also one of the favorite sport of Indians, but eventually, the growth and craze of Cricket didn’t allow the growth of Football. For any sport to mark its presence the government support and financial aid is very important. At International Level, the players can mark their presence count if get the proper support.  

Apart from Cricket Other Sports also require Attention

In Wrestling there are numbers of athletes who are outperforming without the proper support of the government and the Sports Federation. So, the question is, if they get proper training and support on time then they can mark their presence in a better way and in no time. The recognition of hard work is the key for any sportsperson to excel in their field.

Apart from Cricket Other Sports also require Attention

Boxing is the sport where the single women in India dominated the whole Boxing fraternity of India, as well as, she the reason behind inspiring thousands of youngsters to opt for Boxing as a profession whether it is a boy or girl. Mary Kom is the name, who is famous not only in India but also all over the world, just because of her performance. Her utter dedication and love for the sport made her achieve all these. But the problem is not every sportsperson can deal with all this, so to promote the sport government needs to focus over Boxing as well.

Apart from Cricket Other Sports also require Attention

The Badminton has few famous and god players but despite all this, the situation is the same for this sport. The Governmental sport for them is quite low. Still, the group of a few famous sports personality of Badminton took the sport alive and make people aware of this sport also exists in India. Instead of this, the viewer sport is less for Badminton as well.

Before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, there were very few people in India, who might have heard about the sport name Shooting. But the Gold Medal in 2008 Olympics makes some people know about what the sport exactly is and who Abhinav Bindra is. Still, sports require a lot of facilities to train youngsters. Even for the sports, father of Abhinav Bindra said, not everyone can afford a private shooting range like him. These words, eventually narrate the reality of these sports.

The sports other than Cricket have been ignored very badly by the government authorities. But it is high time when all sports need to be sported and the new generation can get equal opportunity and training to excel in different sports not only in Cricket particularly. The interested player doesn’t have to depend over crowdfunding in order to participate in an International Event. This is not only the loss of the sportsmen but also the biggest loss of India.

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