How the situation of Pakistan get worsens with Poverty, Crime and Hunger


How the situation of Pakistan get worsens with Poverty, Crime and Hunger

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Pakistan is a country in the midst of a crisis. The people of this country are facing overwhelming odds as they struggle to survive in a rapidly changing landscape. Hunger, poverty and rising crime rates are all too common in Pakistan, and the situation is only getting worse. 

It’s not only the first time Pakistan is facing these types of issues. Their economy is standing still for past decades and people are calling Imran khan, the former prime minister of the country “Katora Khan”

How the situation of Pakistan get worsens with Poverty, Crime and Hunger

The picture is taken from twitter, how the dialogue “Katora Khan” or "Bikhari" are populating against Imran khan. This is showing the current situation in Pakistan.

In light of this statement, I am going to discuss a bit deeper detail about the concerns in Pakistan - what is causing these issues, who is most affected by them, and how they can be addressed. 

The Situation in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country located in southern Asia. The region now facing the issue of hunger, poverty, and crime at a very high rate which seems to worsen.

The Pakistani government has been unable to establish control over the tribal areas along the Afghan border, which has allowed Taliban and Al-Qaeda operatives to find safe haven there.

They also have conducted several offensives against the Taliban in an attempt to wrest control of these areas, but have so far been unsuccessful. This has led to increased terrorist activity in Pakistan, as well as a rise in anti-government sentiment.

We will look at the major concerns 


The country has a high rate of inflation, and food prices have been rising steadily for the past few years. This has left many people struggling to get by.

If I talk about the basic necessities like flour, and other essential items like rice, pulses, etc, these items are restricted to only 7 days time limit and people are struggling to get the items at reasonable rates. Apart from this, medicinal items are also limited.

In the nation, the prices of various other food items are also skyrocketing. Trucks transporting wheat and flour are being shielded from unruly crowds by armed guards.

The price of flour in Karachi ranges from Rs 140 to Rs 160 per kilogram. A 10-kilogram bag of flour costs Rs 1,500 per kilogram in Islamabad and Peshawar, while a 20-kilogram bag costs Rs 2,800. The owners of flour mills in Punjab province have raised the price of each kilogram to Rs 160.

Employment levels and crimes

In addition, there is a lack of opportunities for work, especially for young people. This has led to an increase in crime, as people turn to criminal activity in order to make ends meet.


Over two million people in Pakistan will be living below the poverty line by 2020, according to estimates provided by the World Bank. This means that poverty will have increased from 4.4% to 5.4%.

The World Bank estimated that Pakistan's poverty rate was 39.3 percent in 2020-21, 39.2 percent in 2021-22, and 37.9 percent in 2022-23 using the lower-middle income poverty rate.

These are the critical factors that Pakistan is facing.

Financial crisis

Pakistan's ability to pay for food and energy imports as well as fulfill its international sovereign debt obligations are the primary causes of concern.

The central bank estimated that external financing requirements for the 2022-23 fiscal year (July-June) were $33.5 billion prior to the floods.

A difficult goal of nearly halving the current account deficit and reducing debt rollovers from friendly nations was to have helped reach that number.

Moreover, the country has taken a loan from IMF and the IMF announced them as defaulters already. IMF also told them to restructure the loans with the creditors directly and pay all the advances in a well firm way.

This is how the financial crisis happened in Pakistan. Crime rates are also one of the factors which government has to think about to eliminate it.

The government is standstill and everything is out of control in Pakistan. People are having the freedom to do unfair trade practices and worst things that nobody in the Pakistan residency expects.

Ultimately the main factor is they are demanding change and a better standard of living.

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