Why BBC is becoming a fake media channel


Why BBC is becoming a fake media channel

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Fake news has become a major issue in the modern world. We’re all aware of the dangers it poses for democracy and people’s trust in each other. But what about our trust in organizations like the BBC? Is the long-established British news company at risk of becoming just another fake news purveyor? 

BBC, or the British Broadcasting Corporation, is a publicly funded broadcaster that operates under a royal charter. The organization produces news, entertainment, and educational programming in the United Kingdom and internationally. BBC has been accused of bias and Fake News by various individuals and organizations.

But let me talk about how they are identified as a fake news company

There are a number of reasons why the BBC is often considered a fake news company.

  • One reason is that they have been caught spreading false information in the past. For example, in 2003, they reported that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which turned out to be false.
  • Another reason BBC is considered fake news is that they tend to be biased in their reporting. For example, they have been accused of having a pro-Brexit bias and of being anti-Semitic.
  • Finally, many people believe that BBC is part of the establishment and therefore not to be trusted. This is because the British government has a lot of control over what BBC can and cannot do. For example, the government can appoint the BBC's Board of Governors.

It is important to be critical of the sources you consume and to seek out multiple perspectives on any given issue. If something feels "off" about a story, do some research to see if it checks out. But BBC is a anti- india news channel and especially published stories that are heavy on emotions and light on facts.

According to the survey that was conducted in 2019, 44% of respondents cited the BBC as the sole impartial news source. However, readers of numerous British newspapers have been urged to believe that the BBC is a wasteful left-wing extortion scheme.

If we search “Who is pappu in India” and “Who is Katora Khan”, the result will be shown “Rahul Gandhi and “Imran Khan”

In the same way, if we search “Fake news”, BBC comes in place as they set the agenda of propagating rumors and biased opinions on big leaders like Narendra Modi, etc.

Recently at the time of the pandemic, the BBC makes fake news about fear in terms of covid vaccines.

The Omicron variant is safe, say medical professionals. It has been demonstrated that hospitals all over the world are empty, despite false media claims that Omicron patients have filled them. People live their lives without even realizing that they have health problems, but the BBC creates the first Omicron death to encourage the development of Covid vaccines.

A crime against humanity is fabricating false information to compel people to receive unnecessary medical care.

BBC news are politically nuanced and are left wing. 

Let me provide a few examples from past.

Following the Balakot attack, when Pakistan shot down an Indian plane, the BBC reported that two Indian aircraft had been hit. They have not rectified that reporting as of yet. I saved copies of that report. This is false information. There will never be a BBC report about the infiltration of cross-border terrorism into our nation. This is a biased view)

The BBC, like the majority of Western media, does not present a balanced perspective when it comes to reliability. It constantly and heavily favors one section.

They are always willing to give certain sections the benefit of the doubt.

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