Influence of western culture on Indian society
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Influence of western culture on Indian society

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India is a large and diverse nation, with a rich cultural history stretching back thousands of years.

Yet despite this, the influence of western culture has been steadily increasing in India over the last few decades.

-- This is due to a combination of factors, including globalization, media exposure, and heightened economic integration between India and other Western nations. 

-- From changes in fashion to shifts in social norms, we will examine how western culture has become intertwined with Indian life today.

Influence of western culture on Indian society

Since the British colonized India in the 18th century, western culture has had a significant influence on Indian society. This can be seen in many aspects of Indian culture, from the way Indians dress to the food they eat.

One of the most obvious ways that western culture has influenced Indian society is in the way that people dress. Before the British arrived, Indians mainly wore traditional clothing such as saris for women and dhoti kurtas for men.

However, since the British introduced Western-style clothing, more and more Indians have started to wear trousers, shirts and dresses. This is especially true in urban areas, where Western-style clothing is considered to be more fashionable.

  • Another area where western culture has had an impact on India is in food. Traditional Indian cuisine consists of spices and curries, with rice or bread as staples. However, since the British introduced Western foods such as pies and pastries, these have become popular among Indians as well.
  • In addition, fast food chains such as McDonald's and Burger King have also started to open branches in major Indian cities, further increasing the popularity of Western-style food among Indians.
  • The influence of western culture on Indian society can also be seen in other areas such as entertainment and sports.
  • Bollywood, the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai, often includes songs and dances inspired by Hollywood musicals. In addition, cricket, a sport originally brought to India by the British, is now one of the most popular

Impact of westernization on India

The impact of westernization on India has been both positive and negative. On the positive side, westernization has brought with it new technologies and ideas that have helped to modernize India.

-- For example, the introduction of western-style education has helped to improve literacy rates in India. In addition, western medicine has helped to improve the health of the Indian population. On the negative side, some aspects of western culture have had a negative impact on Indian society.

-- The increasing prevalence of obesity and diabetes in India can be linked to the Western diet. In addition, Western media has been criticized for its portrayal of women in Indian society, which some say is contributing to an increase in violence against women.

Advantages and disadvantages of westernization in India

  • Since the arrival of the British in India, western culture has had a profound influence on Indian society. The British brought with them their language, religion, and customs, which slowly began to replace traditional Indian ways. Westernization has had both positive and negative effects on India.
  • On the positive side, westernization has introduced new ideas and technologies that have helped to modernize India. Western medicine has improved the health of Indians and western education has helped to create a more literate population. Westernization has also resulted in greater social mobility and economic opportunities for Indians.
  • On the negative side, westernization has caused many traditional Indian values and customs to be lost. It has also led to a growing gap between the rich and the poor in Indian society.


The influence of western culture on Indian society has been immense. It can be seen in our values, customs and traditions. We have adopted the dress style and modern lifestyle of the West while at the same time maintaining our traditional identity. The growth of technology has enabled us to stay connected with people from different parts of the world and this has resulted in a better understanding between cultures. Despite criticism from certain sections, India continues to progress towards becoming a more open-minded nation with its vast cultural diversity being celebrated as one of its greatest assets.

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