Indian traditions and rituals

11-Feb-2020 , Updated on 2/14/2020 7:02:26 AM

Indian traditions and rituals

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India, Pristine ground of spirituality. The land with a 6000-year-old history, a land held tight its ancient traditions, embedded with fruits of its deep-rooted culture, passed on through generations, sentiments intact.

Although having witnessed or belonged to this society with innumerable traditions, we lack the understand of the logical reason behind several rituals and customs and brand them superstition and meaningless.

We have suspended many of those anecdotes passed on by our forefathers with years of increasing westernization, a lot of it because of sheer ignorance. 

Have we ever wondered why certain things are devised the way they are... Why do we have specifications for every ritual followed? 

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Idol worship is a form of prayer, but what is the reason behind installing these idols in magnificently constructed temples? 

Here is a question what is the purpose of temples at all? Temples are constructed in zones,  where positive vibrations from the earth's magnetic and electric fields can be tapped in abundance.

The peak of this energy is felt at the sanctum, where the deity is installed. 

Indian traditions and rituals

People are asked to walk barefoot in temples so that the radiation is easily absorbed. Men are advised to visit temples bare-chested, as the human hair has the capacity to observe positive energy.

The women are asked to wear gold ornaments when they visit temples as gold is one of the best absorber and radiator of positive energy. This is why many Temple is made of gold too. 

In my opinion, these are some of the reasons, the sense of serenity that fills a person from within: whenever they visit a temple, regardless of their belief in God. What is the purpose of conducting the Abhishek?

 They have been debates regarding conducting Abhishek for stone idols in temples.

These aged-old granite idols have the tendency to develop cracks on aging. Regular contact with agents such as milk, honey, and oil help in keeping the Idol intact, thus preserving these ancient sculptures. 

Indian traditions and rituals

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