Elon Musk fired Twitter execs including CEO Parag Agrawal and many more


Elon Musk fired Twitter execs including CEO Parag Agrawal and many more

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Elon Musk finally acquires Twitter for USD 44 billion after months of negotiations. Elon Musk's desperate attempt to acquire Twitter is motivated by his desire for a platform for open discussion of all viewpoints and his concern that the social media will breed hatred between the far right and far left ideas. When asked about his political views, he stated that he is a half-Republican and half-Democrat. He therefore does not fully support any of them. 

However, prior to the Trump administration, he opposed Trump and even declared in a statement that it would embarrass him if the Republican nomination went to Trump. After 2017, he gave to Republicans seven times more than to Democrats. He opposed Trump's travel ban on nations with a majority of Muslims. Later, on Twitter, he even made the promise to reinstate Trump. His opinions, tweets, and actions make it difficult to determine which side he essentially supports.  

Elon Musk has a mixed history with the Indian government. To start selling Tesla automobiles, there was much discussion and negotiation. Tesla is building vehicles in China and selling them in India, which the Indian government claimed was not a good idea and that he should instead make automobiles in India. Elon Musk, though, wants to see lower import taxes for Tesla cars. 

He purchased Twitter after a dispute between the company and the Indian government. The last time Twitter took an Indian government order to remove content from its platform to the Karnataka High Court, it argued that the IT Ministry's content blocking orders did not meet 'the test of the grounds provided under Section 69A of the IT Act.' India's information technology ministry put in place regulations in 2021 that let the government investigate social media posts, request identifying information, and bring legal action against corporations that disobeyed. Twitter sued the Indian government in retaliation. 

Elon Musk implied that Twitter must observe local laws when he claimed that it must do so. He supports the Indian government's move to regulate social media to prevent it from degenerating into a divisive space. 

  He recently let go of a number of Twitter staff, including the CEO Parag Agrawal, the CFO Ned Segal, and the policy director Vijaya Gadde. To become the only director on the Twitter board, he sacked everyone. He never liked them, and he frequently expressed his displeasure with the way they handled Twitter in his tweets. 

  Although his claim that he would uphold the law of the land may be a positive development, his positions are quite ambiguous, making him unreliable. What matters most to him will vary depending on him. It is impossible to predict whether he will adhere to his principles because of his frequent remarks changing. My opinion is that he valued money over politics, which is why he frequently changed his mind towards Trump. If so, he wouldn't want to lose India's 23 million customers, which is a sizable market.

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