Crimea Bridge blast halts the connection between Russia and its soldiers

Crimea Bridge blast halts the connection between Russia and its soldiers

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What incites Russian President Vladimir Putin to bombard 75 missile barrage against the Ukrainian Cities

Crimea Bridge Blast

The attack on the Kerch bridge to Crimea stunned the experts including Russia and Ukraine with its scale and ingenuity. It also left the UN who was responsible for the attack and how it was achieved.

The bridge was connecting the Crimean Peninsula with the Russian mainland and it was performing as the main supply route for Moscow’s faltering war in Ukraine.

The Bridge was opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018 which can be clearly seen in how the blast collapsed part of the roadway on the Kerch Strait road and rail bridge.

The bridge was specifically constructed in the interest of Putin in 2018 when Russia annexed Crimea under the Russian boundary. The exact cause of the destruction is not known yet but as per the Russian government officials, the bridge was blasted by a truck that was loaded with some explosive material.

Russia is blaming Ukraine for the attack on the bridge which was the main obsession for Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine War. Some experts have also given their concepts, from truck bombs to underwater attacks.

The Ukrainian Government has not taken any responsibility for the attack and applauded the damage. One senior Ukrainian official officer was discussing the condition of anonymity that occurred due to the ban on the matter and said the Intelligence Services of Ukraine had planned the attack in which they involved a bomb loaded onto a truck that drove across the bridge.

It was unclear about the driver who was driving that truck that he was known about the explosive material he was loaded in his truck or just a person used in the Ukrainian plan. A video that was released just after the attack revealed the truck which was the epicenter of the blast.

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