How Collagen Can Aid in Digestion


How Collagen Can Aid in Digestion

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Whenever we consider Collagen, we are reminded of the key factors that develop smooth and youthful skin.

But we are making Collagen narrowed down.

Most of us are unaware of the fact that collagen is extremely essential for your digestive system. That is, it aids in your digestion.

So let's find out how Collagens Aid in Digestive Systems.

What Is Collagen?

In General discussion, Collagens are structural proteins that are found in the skin and the connective tissues of Animals and Human beings.

Do you know that Collagens constitute 30% of the protein in the human body?

Collagens comprise around 19 Amino Acids. There are altogether 29 types and kinds of Collagens, but we humans use only three types:

• Type 1 exists mainly in the skin, tendon, organs and bones.

• Type 2 is present mostly in the Cartilages.

• Type 3 is present mainly in the reticular fibres.

Health Benefits

According to the professionals and experts on the Collagen diet, there are a lot of benefits that the Collagen diet provides you. A diet rich in Collagen helps:

• Improved Skin Tone.

• Stronger Muscles.

• Improved Sleep.

• Promote bone health.

• Promote Heart Health and

• Improves Digestive Systems.

Alongside these, there are some other benefits, but they are the major ones that are considered widely.

Gut Health

The term Gut Health is important when we are discussing comprehensive health and wellness. Actually, gut health is synonymous with wellness.

This needs to be mentioned that the focus on Gut health has really crossed over into the contemporary medical system.

A healthy gut is not only related directly to Good Digestion but also to manage the entire body system.

Foods Sources Of Collagen

There are certain foods that are said to be a good source of Collagen synthesiser in your body. Therefore you need to take these into account when making your food chart.

Collagen rich foods include Berries, Red and Yellow vegetables, Chicken, Fish, Citrus Fruits, Garlic, White Tea and Egg whites.

What Is Ingestion?

Indigestion or dyspepsia is a common issue that goes on to upsets the stomach. When you have indigestion, it may cause pain or a burning feeling in your abdomen.

Indigestion is also called sour stomach. There are some causes of indigestion:

1. Extensive use of Caffeine.

2. When you are eating too much and too fast.

3. When you are eating fatty, spicy and acidic foods.

4. When you experience stress and anxiety.

5. If you are taking some medications like aspirin on an empty stomach.

Sometimes indigestion means that there is some problem in your digestive tract.

Benefits Of Collagens For Gut Health

There are different ways through which collagens act to benefit your gut health. Many collagen supplements such as Great Lake Wellness products also offer the same benefits. So let's study the benefits that Collagen produces to improve your gut health:

1. IBS Leaky Gut Syndrome

When it comes to the Guts, Amino Acids are highly essential. Especially when you consider repairing the Gut wall, amino acids are highly beneficial in helping this. Glutamine is one Amino acid that is found in Collagens.

Therefore it is normal; if you have Collagen deficiency, you are definitely going to have problems for sure.

2. It Aids Collagen Synthesis

We always need to ensure that we consume amino acids that are required to build and store Collagen.

You are going to get an abundant supply of Collagens in protein-rich foods like Chicken, Fish. They support Collagen synthesis, which is essential for the synthesis of Collagen.

3. Repairing Of Gut Lining

It is inferred from different studies that Collagen rich foods act to repair the Gut lining. If there is damage in your body, new muscles and cells are made automatically.

Collagen production is therefore required to heal the gut lining. When new muscle cells are generated, it suggests that Collagens are extremely important to repair the damage.

4. Aids Absorption Of Nutrients

Whenever we experience digestive issues like Leaky gut, our stomach is unable to absorb the nutrients.

If food is properly digested and absorbed in the healthy gut, it is able to escape throughout the intestinal linings.

Collagen helps the integrity of the gut wall and makes sure that the gut function gets properly managed.


It could be concluded that indigestion is one of the common causes that cause problems.

Therefore your Gut system needs to be in order so that it lessens the complexities of indigestion.

Therefore you need to consume certain foods that act to synthesise collagen.

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