Bajrang Dal Activist Killed in Karnataka

22-Feb-2022 , Updated on 2/22/2022 12:31:52 AM

Bajrang Dal Activist Killed in Karnataka

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A young Hindu boy name 'Hindu Harsh' was stabbed by 'Muslim Goondas'.

A 26-year-old Bajrang Dal worker was stabbed to death in an incident that was assumed to be triggered by the previous enmity in Karnataka’s Shivamogga. The incident leads to the activity like arson and stone-throwing during his funeral procession on Monday afternoon.

Harsha Nagraj was a Hindutva follower and has given his service in Bajrang Dal. Including with he was also working in a mobile service center in Seegehatti, he was stabbed by some Muslims, a fanatic follower of Islam when he was stepped out of his home alone to a communally sensitive area.

  Bajrang Dal Activist Killed in Karnataka

The murderers are connected with some Islamic Group called the Popular front of India, the party name contains the ‘India’ at last alias ‘Hindustan’. Hindustan is a country where Hindus live and this party is killing the Hindus that is totally against the fundamentals of the Indian Constitution.

The case is not a prototype in the region as earlier such happened to like the Murder of Youth in Gujrat in which one Maulavi of Delhi was involved.

The incident happened during the night of Sunday on 20 February 2022 when Harsha went outside his House without telling to anyone in a communally sensitive area and he didn’t return till now and will never be. He always used to promote the Hindu Religion and work to protect it hence he also sometimes raised his voice against the attacker in some social media post in 2016 which is now assumed to be the reason for the incident.

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The administration has condemned the act and also said to have a fair and strong inquiry against the victims. Many officers and ministers including the Chief Minister of Karnataka condemned the act and ensured that strict action should be taken against such law murderers.

S.P BM Laxmi Prasad of Shivamogga said

“We have arrested two persons in connection with the crime. One has been identified as Kashif and the other as Nadeem. They are locals from Shivamogga. In all, six people were involved in the murder,” the Superintendent of Police said.

He also said the curfew has been imposed in the area for the next 24 hours and will be observed no one should disturb the peace of the region.

Generally, it is assumed that the reason for the incident is the post (Provocative) that Harsha once shared on his social media platform but Police have revealed the reason was the clash outside the court around six months ago.

  Bajrang Dal Activist Killed in Karnataka

A senior officer said with this regard “The motive behind the murder, according to one of the arrested accused, was a clash they had at a courtroom around six months ago. All the people involved in the murder have a criminal record in Shivamogga,” as per the official statement.

The pain of Harsha’s murder is only can be understood with his father’s words, Nagaraj said “He left home on Sunday night and did not return. He had gone out alone. We later heard that he had been stabbed,”

The anger of the people can be clearly shown during his funeral procession in which many Pro-Hindutva activists have taken part and where the stones were hurled at buildings and vehicles were set fire in Muslim dominated areas.

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said the Harsha was a worker of our organization and further stated “We are confident that all suspects will be arrested soon. We have instructed the police to ensure that no untoward incident occurs in the region. I appeal to the people of Shivamogga to maintain peace…legal action will be taken against those involved.”

The incident happened during the hot controversy over the hijab is going on and the clash between both religions can occur in the state.

  Bajrang Dal Activist Killed in Karnataka

Famous Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) worker Eshwarappa said about the incident “a good worker of our party has been killed in Shivamogga. It has been done by Muslim Goondas. The Muslim Goondas were never so emboldened in Shivamogga and there should be action against such persons.”

He also claimed the incident reason is the provocative statement but some other is said to be the other reasons.

The incident can provoke public peace in the state as the current matter of Hijab is still in the hot span hence the security responsibility should be transferred to the Central Reserve Police Force and the Curfew should also be increased for a week or two.

The issue of the clash in the state is increasing day by day, the motive of such group, intention, the main organizer should be found out by the central agency.

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