Globally Surge In Covid-19 Positive Cases, Including The US And Europe

29-Dec-2021 , Updated on 12/29/2021 8:26:25 AM

Globally Surge In Covid-19 Positive Cases, Including The US And Europe

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The US and European Countries, Suffering The Surging in Covid-19 Cases 

Covid-19 is not over yet, the positive cases all over the globe are surging and in some countries, the restrictions and obligations have been started to override the hope of liberation from apprehension of the Covid-19 virus.

Globally Surge In Covid-19 Positive Cases, Including The US And Europe

The cancellation of flights and the international journey is a serious concern for the world committee such as WHO and United Nations to deal with the fearful situation. And even WHO has released an advisory report to the United States and some European countries.
As per the data released by Johns Hopkins University Data, the US reported a seven-day average of novel Covid-19 cases on the 28th of December. And the number of cases has beat the previous record of January and the recent record is 254, 496 new cases have been found on Tuesday, on 28th of December.
The situation of the world in terms of dealing with Covid-19 cases is not satisfying because a surge in the cases has been recorded. The people still remember the consequences of the pandemic that resulted in lakhs of deaths.

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The cases are not only surging in the US but also European countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and France. These are the countries in Europe where the number of positive cases is surging dramatically and also the new variant fear is ready to beat the celebration new year.

We are facing the pandemic since 2020 March and also we have seen many ups and downs in the period, as we have avoided the physical contact from the physical world and many other sacrifices we made these all were part of the pandemic and now the new year celebration is about to come and again the cases are increasing. So, in my opinion, there are two aspects to it either the covid-19 virus has the record of all occasions of gathering or some people are ruling the celebration of occasions. Should I research it?

It is obvious that if the numbers will increase the journey and transportation will get affected as similarly in the recent time the cases are increasing and the International flights of about 2,221 have been canceled and many have been postponed as per the cases. Here we should also consider the emotions and feelings of the person whose journey has been canceled in which some of them were going to their parents, family and some of them were going on vacations. But due to the tag of Covid-19, everything is smashed. We should also respect their feelings and the loss faced by the airline companies. To make the situation happier for all the cancellation of regular flights and the journey should be transformed to alternate and regulations itinerary.

Globally Surge In Covid-19 Positive Cases, Including The US And Europe

It means that we will complete our journey while following all the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for the precautions of virus including the social distancing in the flights and traveling places. The result of the above idea will be satisfactory and there will not be an abrogation of the sentiments of persons and also the airline company will not bear as much loss as it used to face earlier.

Let me share the interesting facts about the Coronavirus and other viruses, some viruses used to exist in our body and fact benefitting it by giving providing security from some of the diseases. Here I just wanted to tell you in short that the virus can be controlled, function, and act in the way as we want also as per the Scientist of India in the ancient time have texted in the Sanskrit language the research work on the virus and also told how to cure of it.

In my opinion, the fatality ratio of the virus is not as much as the past variant because the first case of the Omicron Variant had been seen in Botswana in South Africa in September and we are in December. In such a long time the death ratio and the infection ratio are still not as much as the other variants. Hence we should lose our hope in order
to beat the variant.

Vaccination is playing a key role to defeat the virus as we all know that immunity is the basic defender for any virus, hence we should try to improve our immunity. And to boost immunity, vaccines will help us.
Recently many countries are giving the booster dose to their citizens and many have already given and it has been seen that even the vaccines are not able to defend us from the attack of virus infection. Which makes the situation worse.
My advisory to the people is to keep a distance from unwanted gatherings and you should be focused on your physical and mental health.

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