Germany offering booster shots amid surge in cases even after fully vaccinated

08-Nov-2021, Updated on 11/9/2021 4:03:03 AM

Germany offering booster shots amid surge in cases even after fully vaccinated

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In Germany as covid-19 cases increasing, German health officials have warned the country for the concerned spikes in the cases, as incident rate per people is now higher than earlier, announced to expand booster jab programs to the people if 6 months have passed since their second dose, after new record in daily infections. 

The country is under the full-fledged forth wave of corona virus. Now, the situation has been also changed for already vaccinated people due to the continuously rising infection rates.

A surge of Delta variant across the country has increased the concern especially towards area of low vaccines coverage, only 67% of people in Germany are fully vaccinated others are either not vaccinated or have only taken the first dose.

WHO said it to be considered as warning shot for rest of the world as now situation is also changing for vaccinated people which is moderate but alarming due to the rising infection rate.

Germany offering booster shots amid surge in cases even after fully vaccinated

What and who should be blamed for this afresh deadly outbreak? The WHO blamed for this to insufficient vaccination rates despite, vaccines being widely available in the country and also moderation in the preventive health measures like social distancing, mask and gathering etc.

Health minister in Germany urged people to get booster shots and to change the country’s tactics to prevent the freshly rides pandemic.

In the concern of worsened covid-19 situation in many regions of Germany, state officials wants to arrange booster vaccinations as rule particularly for the elderly, teachers and health care workers.

In the view of rising number of new everyday infections of corona and tensed situation Germany are tightening the measures for people to prevent the pandemic . Anyone either unvaccinated or has recovered must should their Rt PCR test for many activities such as theatres, museum, restaurants, etc. Also, many such tighter regulations and compulsory wearing of masks.

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