SpaceX’s missions in space


SpaceX’s missions in space

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The company SpaceX is a leading business for space-related commodities, missions, and launches. It is ardently working towards making ‘space better for humans’. The workers there are keen on utilizing the resources of space by exploring there. In the year 2021, they have launched at least 22 space missions. One of them even includes the ‘Dragon’- the first all civilian space mission.

SpaceX’s missions in space

Picture courtesy: SpaceX

All these experiments by a private organization show the zeal and enthusiasm of people to work towards space resources. Hence, they are the world’s no.1 private organization in this sector. Some of its leading space satellites are:

1. Falcon 9- it marked SpaceX’s 22nd launch of this year as it is the 1st stage booster. The mission was earlier delayed due to some range violation. But then it lifted off in 2 stages packed with 88 small satellites.

2. The rideshare mission- in this mission, SpaceX launched 88 ambitious satellites into the Earth’s orbit. The first rideshare mission was called Transporter- 1. It not only launched the smaller satellites but also paved the way for better internet connectivity.

3. A second rideshare mission- named Transporter- 2, SpaceX’s mission carried 3 Starlink satellites also for internet connectivity this month. It carried a booster with it by the name of B1060.

4. The booster carried 5 different Starlink flights into space. Also, it was a communications satellite for Turkey.

5. They got a brilliant response from the Space Development Agency, appreciating them for their mission.

Even when they were launching back-to-back satellites, they took care of the potential collisions and time sequence of launching them all in a structured way. They use specialized launch dispensers and free-flying transfer stages to care for this issue and deploy the satellites only when they are in a particular orbit. Thus, any flight anomaly is prevented and the satellites are released just in time. Taking care of such vast tasks where there is no human control, and organizing them in a structured way is quite a job! And SpaceX is doing a commendable job.

SpaceX’s missions in space

Picture courtesy:  SpaceX Starlink mission

Along with the aforementioned missions, SpaceX is also planning to launch more missions for their space tourism and exploration. What a remarkable mark for the company! We hope that more such good news is on its way. Also, SpaceX’s collaboration with NASA produces some glorious missions that are yet to be seen.

Fingers crossed for the upcoming projects of the company.
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