Volcanic catastrophe in Spain: Cumbre Vieja volcano


Volcanic catastrophe in Spain: Cumbre Vieja volcano

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Owing to the smallest size among Spanish islands in the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands archipelago,La Palma has been hit by the worst volcanic eruption in 50 years. The disaster has claimed to take the life of hundreds. It occurred as molten magma started to initiate from the Canary Islands. The islands of El Pasco and La Palma have been badly affected by it.

Prior to the day when the volcano occurred, La Palma among other mid-west islands of the Canary archipelago had experienced thousands of vibrations in the form of earthquakes. Though the authorities predicted a huge risk coming through, they couldn’t predict a violent volcano of such scale. Soaring like an anaconda for 6 consecutive days, the volcano has engulfed so many forests and slid towards the ocean. There exists a risk of sea explosion and release of toxic gases if the molten rocks continue to flow in the ocean.

Volcanic catastrophe in Spain: Cumbre Vieja volcano

Roads turn into lava streams:

• Due to heavy volcanic eruptions in the islands have been forced to leave their homes, and the rescue operations for those who are stuck, are still been carried on.

• The roads of the island have collapsed due to which continuing the rescue operations is becoming riskier. People have been recommended to follow the guidelines and prevent rush.

• The marine authorities are working tirelessly to prevent those who are on land/ in the sea, from being affected.

• The villages in Los Campitos have been engulfed by the molten lava as its spread area becomes over 103 hectares. Reportedly 400 homes have been destroyed till now.

• The flights have been canceled due to flying ash in the air. Due to this, several airlines on the island have been closed.

• Financial aid for those who have lost their homes and those who need to buy household goods has been approved by the govt.

Volcanic catastrophe in Spain: Cumbre Vieja volcano

As the deathly volcano engulfs the island, it warns most of us of the climate crisis that has settled its foot in the decade about to come. If not now, then when are we going to understand the hurdles that we have created in the environment?

Larger aids have been expected as the King and Queen of Spain visit the crisis-hit area. Also, the PM of the country is continuously on board with the authorities present in La Palma. International aid has also been recommended for the region. The geography of the region is quite engulfed in water on all sides. But the sudden eruption of the volcano has raised questions as to how it occurred!

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