No need to cave away- Cave Syndrome
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17-Jul-2021 , Updated on 7/17/2021 7:34:51 AM

No need to cave away- Cave Syndrome

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Over a year and a half of staying at home our emotional selves have adjusted in a way to ‘cave’ or ‘restrict’ ourselves to cross the extent of our homes and walk into the society like before. This is a new phenomenon defined as ‘cave syndrome’. It has not proven medically to be a specific disease but it is very much prevalent as the psychological state of mind

One of the reasons could be the norms of ‘isolation’ or ‘self-quarantine’. People who got infected with COVID were asked to follow this rules. It might have made them a little hesitant to step-out now, because of the habit of isolation. Many people have felt uncomfortable while others have extreme fears.

Many doctors in the U.S. have been trying to help their patients by exercising the phrase MAV: mindfulness- attitude- vision.

No need to cave away Cave Syndrome

Another point to be highlighted here is that cave syndrome couldn’t be applied to any other condition- like anxiety or panic. Though these are also normal to occur conditions but cave syndrome is quite different from them. The more people cave themselves, the harder it is to get out.

Here are a few tips to diagnose this situation and come out of the problem:

Downward social comparison- don’t compare yourself with the people who are socializing more, instead compare yourself with those who are socializing less than you. It might help you feel good about yourself for some time. But it doesn’t mean to look down upon others. Once you tackle your situation, you could empathize and help others facing a similar issue.

• Exposure and response prevention- gradually exposing yourself to your fears, i.e. social interaction, and then paving your way through it. It does not necessarily mean to initiate negativity among people. You can start by writing down your thoughts somewhere. Then slowly beginning to accept them. When you start acknowledging your situation by yourself, it might help in conveying to others also. If nothing helps you could seek medical help and refer to a psychologist.

No need to cave away Cave Syndrome

Know the reluctance is normal and the gravity of your situation is genuine. Hence, don’t cave away from expressing your feelings.

On the flip side, if you every witness such a situation with your near ones, immediately consult a doctor and refer them to a psychologist. Do not make them panic or be in a rush to acknowledge. Tell them it’s perfectly normal and genuine to have anxiety, cave syndrome or doubts about moving out after so long. Don’t let people turn fearful of the new normal, instead be more accepting.

The drift change in the world is not in our hands but to make the best out of any situation is in our hands.

So don’t fear and good luck !

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