How the planet Earth reacted back to what we threw at it


How the planet Earth reacted back to what we threw at it

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Little Gracie asked her mother what all is going around the world while watching television. It is showing constant degradation in health systems across the globe, owing to COVID-19, and other diseases aligning with it. Also, she watches the news of increased global warming, hurricanes, wildfires, floods and drought capture the TV.

Her mother answers that the earth is suffering various imbalances. The ecosystems are collapsing and there is overload of population. The earth is not able to satiate everyone’s need and greed

Then she told Gracie an old quote of Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, “Earth has enough to satisfy everyone’s need but not everyone’s greed”. She turns to her daughter explaining the meaning of this quote:

“Over the years our human race has evolved a lot and during that evolvement, it has exploited various resources that were available here. They have caused groundwater depletion, overuse of non-renewable resources and most significantly, the greenhouse gas emissions. Due to which we have fallen down to issues like ‘global warming’, acidifying of oceans, disappearing of biodiversity, melting of polar icecaps.” Thus, her mother explained her how it all began what has turned into bigger issue now.

How the planet Earth reacted back to what we threw at it

By this little story we now know how the Earth reached its limit/extent of bearing what we disposed at it through our wild activities, and how it is reacting back now.

The global pandemic COVID-19 has been the greatest example of disaster in its smallest form in this decade. It shook our present and our future to set back “human development” by as much as 20 years. The year 2030 was going to be the year where all the countries of the world would have reached their goal of sustainable development. It has set back that progress somehow yet it has made us understand more clearly why sustainable development is essential more than ever now.

All these activities are responsible for climate change; which is horrifying.

A latest study showed that climate change could cause shift in Earth’s rotational axis. Over the last few years the axis has moved to a few centimeters, it is unnoticeable in a short period of time but can cause the day length to increase by a few milliseconds. This change has been caused by glacial melting and changes in Earth’s mass distribution. The process of shifting of axis was natural earlier but now it is moving faster than normal. –Data was collected from a study carried out by a satellite called GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) mission by NASA.

The groundwater level is depleting increasingly day by day which is a leading cause behind the redistribution of masses and separation of huge landmass.

Overload of population is also a leading cause behind everything. Even the most recent crisis of COVID-19 is unable to decline because of the resources being unavailable to such large mass of population. The distribution of vaccines and allocation of resources cannot be achieved appropriately. Also, in some areas, it has been seen that people are greatly irresponsible towards their actions.

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