Long working hours leading to a more unhealthy and sick generation
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Long working hours leading to a more unhealthy and sick generation

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“Work is worship” they say. Work is a normal and socially acceptable way of creating a financially secure future as well as providing a standard of living.

However, since the pandemic has changed the way we used to live and surround our lifestyles around our work. It has shifted us from offices to homes. Work from home has become a new normal and people have anyhow adopted it from past 1 year. But it has been leading towards more illness and irritability among the population.

How? Here is the reason:

Workers continue to work the way they used to do in their offices but the amount of work has now increased. Because of that they have to dedicate more hours of work.

Spending this much time at offices or working from home is leading to fatigue, insomnia and also death.

A study conducted by World Health Organisation and International Labour Organization in May 2021 has revealed that a large number of workers died due to long working hours.

Work related disability and early deaths have increased since the pandemic. The reason is not only working from home, but also to compensate the loss which occurred during the complete lockdown/shutdown across the world.

Following are some data and stats to prove the point (by WHO and ILO):

Long working hours leading to a more unhealthy and sick generation

The following Pie-chart clearly shows the intensity of the diverse effects due to long working hours.

Long working hours leading to a more unhealthy and sick generation

This new working regime has blurred the difference between social and work life. People are working during majority hours of the day, which has gradually decreased their social life and the quality time spent with family.

Surely it elevates the standard of living but at a very slower pace. For example, promotions, increments and bonuses are not given very often but only once or twice a year. People should not compensate their mental and physical health due to this. Also, it is a major cause behind domestic violence. (Also read: https://yourviews.mindstick.com/view/82607/increase-in-domestic-violence-during-pandemic)  Working professionals are obligatory to spend most of their time at home with family. Therefore, work-life balance and other frustrations do not get time to get ‘out of the chimney’, i.e., to cool off. Also they do not get enough time alone. Results are harsh and offensive behavior leading to domestic violence.

Another adverse consequences are: working for really long hours without proper break system causing burnout, not motivated enough, etc.

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