How far the India's Vaccination Drive Reached! Are People Aware?

04-Jun-2021 , Updated on 6/4/2021 4:22:22 AM

How far the India's Vaccination Drive Reached! Are People Aware?

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It is presently obvious that vaccination is the only method for India to overcome the coronavirus. The Narendra Modi government’s vaccination system has fallen beneath the serious criticism for its price variation approach, inadequate supply, temporary change of commands of vaccination periods, etc.

But underlying all this is the method of getting people completely vaccinated. There is Co-WIN — one of the Modi government’s initiative and online platform individually controlling the vaccination approach.

How far the India

Therefore, all readers of this article must be aware of Co-WIN and the procedure for register themselves for Covid-19 vaccination. As per some reports, it concluded that at what percentage of Indians understand about the vaccination procedure? so the report was arranged out to discover that.

Two of the major questions were asked to approximately 2,248 adult Indians over the 7 significant states which comprising 246 districts such as – 

1. Bihar

2. Gujarat

3. Kerala

4. Madhya Pradesh

5. Maharashtra

6. Rajasthan

7. Uttar Pradesh

How far the India


The questions were: 

Q.1 If you wish to get your vaccine shot, what is the procedure to succeed?

(a). Get the advice of your regional administrator

(b). An administration officer will visit my range to vaccinate us

(c). Have to register on a government program, website, or application

(d). I don't even know

Q.2 What do you know about Co-WIN?

(a). It is a government plan to provide funds to the poor

(b). It is a government plan to provide ration to people

(c). It is a website to register for vaccination

(d). I don't even know

Respondent profile

Among those 2,248 adult Indians who replied to this questionnaire survey, 68% were male & 32% were female; 66% were young who aged below 40 years, 24% of them were middle-aged & 9% were senior citizens aged above 60.

The all-India estimates were determined according to the population-weighted proportion of the 7 states examined.


Almost 75% of adult Indians DON'T even know the method to get vaccinated.

How far the India

The tremendous majority of the people who have undergone the survey don't even know that the procedure of vaccination which is to register on the government application or website. 30% of the people believe that a government correspondent will follow up with them to vaccinate. While 13% understands that they need to get the guidance of a regional administration.

People in Kerala 43% & Maharashtra 37% acknowledged the exact procedure for vaccination. Whereas in Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and, Madhya Pradesh only 14% of those who went through the survey knew how to get their vaccine shots.

Opposite to what one would presume, there is no important variation in awareness levels among urban as well as rural areas. 70% in urban districts are don't know the vaccination process while 76% in rural areas are unaware.

Awareness about Co-WIN App/Portal/Website

72% of the citizens who recognized the vaccination procedure accurately classified Co-WIN as a program for registration.

How far the India

Excluding the people from Bihar 50% & Madhya Pradesh 47%, a large number of personalities from the additional 5 states identified about Co-WIN — 64% in Gujarat & 89% in Uttar Pradesh.

But estimated that 75% of the grown-up people do not recognize the vaccination process, the central as well as state authorities have enormous responsibility of boosting awareness. Political parties with their huge ground chain and civil society groups that have the assurance of the citizens can also perform a crucial role in building awareness, and encourage people to register for their Covid-19 Vaccine shots on Co-WIN.

Even if the Modi government succeeds to resolve the vaccine deficiency difficulty in the coming days, India may however lag in the aim to vaccinate the whole adult community if people continue to be unaware of the vaccination procedure.

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