Resolution of current situation  of COVID-19

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Resolution of current situation of COVID-19

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                                     How to resolve current COVID-19 Situation
The term COVID stands for ‘CO’ stands for Corona, ‘VI’ stands for Virus and ‘D’ stands for Diseases. This is the new virus which is linked to the same family of viruses as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and some types of common cold. Before COVID-19 it was also known as Novel Corona Virus. COVID-19 is the official name which was given by the World Health Organization (WHO). Sometime COVID-19 stands for “Wuhan Coronavirus” and sometime it is called “Wuhan Pneumonia”.
                                            Resolution of current situation COVID 19
Corona virus disease is a contagious as well as a dangerous diseases caused by SARS-COV2. The first case of Covid-19 was identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019. It was one of the ongoing pandemic which is spreading worldwide
Since December 2019. The symptoms of the Covid-19 are fever, cough, headache, fatigue, breathing difficulties and loss of smell. After the exposure of the virus the symptoms may begin one to fourteen days. Basically COVID-19 is the transmission diseases which means that it is transfer from one people to another people. This virus containing the small droplets and aerosols, which can spread from an infected Person’s nose and mouth as they breathe, cough, sneeze, sing or speak. Other people are infected if the virus gets into mouth, nose or eyes.  
        Resolution of current situation COVID 19                                                        Resolution of current situation COVID 19
There are some standard diagnostic method is by detection of the virus which are as follows-
1) - Nucleic Acid by Real Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (rRt –PCR).
2) – Transcription – Mediated Amplification (TMA).
The one point is very important for the COVID-19 is that, it is not spread between rooms over long distance such as through air ducts. The transmissions of this virus is particularly occurred indoor, in high risks locations such as restaurants, choirs, gyms, nightclubs , offices, and religious venues.
From feces, urine, food, waste water, drinking water or via animal disease vectors
This virus is not spread. There is no any kind of evidence of SARS-COV2 in breast milk from infected patients has been obtained. So there is no any risk transmission through breastmilk & breastfeeding is not contraindicated in infected patients provided that the necessary hygienic measures are taken including handwashing and correct use of face mask. At present time there is no any kind of specific and effective treatment or cure for this corona virus diseases. With the help of supportive care , which includes the treatment of relieve symptoms , fluid therapy oxygen support and prone positioning and medicines , we can easily manage this kind of virus.
The new kind of notable variants of SARS-COV 2 emerged in late 2020. These new variants are as follows:-
1) - Cluster 5 (Emerged among minks and mink farmers in Denmark).
2) – 501 Y.V2 (Emerged in South Africa).
From January 2021, the SARS -COV2 are spreading among global populations in the UK variant which was first found in London and Kent and the variants which was discovered in South Africa as well as the variants discovered in Brazil.
Resolution of current situation COVID 19
Staying at home, wearing a mask in public, avoiding crowded places, keep distance from one to another, ventilating indoor spaces, managing potential exposure durations , washing hands with soap at least 20 seconds, avoiding touching the eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hand are the some effective and specific preventive measures to reduces the chance of virus infection.
For the resolution of this pandemic virus we should strictly banned all the government transportation like as trains, buses & flights. Because this means of transportation connects one place to another place. More than thousands people travels from one place to another place we all are known that corona is a spreading diseases. Lots of people are get connected to each other in trains , buses and flights and this connection makes very dangerous and contagious situation.
We have to avoid to going PVR’s, Marriage Party ,Parks , and Social places where the crowd gather.
If we want to resolve the problem regarding Corona virus , we should strictly follow the government rules. Avoid the use of belts, watch, and rings because it creates the hazards of the virus and also maintain the social distancing from each and every people.
If any person who infected from the virus try to make there immunity and digestive system strong because it’s maintain our body fit and infection less. Always try to drink Ayurveda syrup like KADHA , and syrup related to maintain and boost up our immunity and digestive system.
On January 30, the Novel Corona Virus outbreak declared “ A Public Health Emergency of International Concern” by the World Health Organization (WHO). At present time there are different kind of vaccines of various countries are available to resolve this corona virus pandemic. The vaccines are Sputnik-V from Russia , Pfizer from United States of America , Moderna also from United States of America Covishield and Covaxin from India. And various kind of treatments are available to resolve this pandemic virus. We hope that coming months will give us a good news regarding this pandemic virus.This good news will like the corona pandemic virus is ruled from whole world and everybody of this planet is enjoying their life happily with smile and without any tension. Many strict action will be taken by the government to resolve this current pandemic. Some states locked their state to resolve this corona virus pandemic. Some state grow up their vaccination speed while some states has locked their state in weekend form. Some states has banned all the places where the virus is spread. Multinational companies told to their employees for do their office work from home this action from the companies will help stop spread of this pandemic virus. I hope by this action from the government as well as the companies will give a good news that the spreading virus is fully ruled out from our country as well as from the world. After this good our planet takes a long breadth because he fights very well from this pandemic virus.
                                              Resolution of current situation COVID 19   

           Resolution of current situation COVID 19

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