Helplessness in the Epidemic: What do we do, How do we do?
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16-Apr-2021 , Updated on 4/16/2021 5:40:02 AM

Helplessness in the Epidemic: What do we do, How do we do?

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As soon as the tragedy between human beings is progressing, there is a deficiency of everything — oxygens, medicines, beds in hospitals, vaccines, or even cremation space. 

For now, in cremation areas or graveyards, attending doctors and nurses inside COVID-19 ICUs, moving with ambulance drivers, and spending time at testing centers, I can prove the point that everything is running short.

The most common significant shortfall is oxygen. An hour of Mumbai in the Vasai-Palghar region, almost eight patients had died in a single day at the Vinayaka private hospital because of the inconvenience of oxygen. 

Helplessness in the Epidemic: What do we do, How do we do?

At inadequate residential colonies, behind-closed-door doors, are the exceptional people after the clinical signs. In the city itself, at the hospital where COVID patients were treated, an overstretched hospital staff, trying to hunt for oxygen an hour-and-a-half away, pulling it back in tiny lorries, which they would then release and pick up, all the while in their medical scrubs. “They were having almost 50% deficiency there,” an official said at the hospital.

Not from Mumbai, but Patna also, a young lady Manisha, her father aged 53 years, was referred to the Ford Hospital in the city, according to Manisha trying to organize his oxygen as supplies were just not arriving at the facility.

Another update from the SRV Hospital in Mumbai came forward where Dr. Rupkatha reported that not only beds for patients but some important medicines such as Remdesivir and Tocilizumab are completely out of stock. “At times we ask patients to talk to the dealers themselves directly, what should we do.”

Discussions have started with the army personnel and the railways also, the administrator of the Indian Gas Association, on how to transport oxygen from steel plants in the direction of east to the west of India, where it is commonly needed. Harsh chilling words came into existence from one of Maharashtra’s top Covid warriors, Dr. Swaropp Hegde, what is this. “Without adequate oxygen, we have to readjust our route of treatment. This means that we have to witness many more deaths.”

A Twitter user shared a Tweet asking the requirement of a Medicine for her Kaku, these are the necessities of the people right now. What to do and How to do it?

Helplessness in the Epidemic: What do we do, How do we do?

The second Corona wave is way more devastating there's a big difference between 2020 and 2021, doctors from Maharashtra state, that younger Indians are happening to be infected more rapidly, amongst them children aging as five or three. Meanwhile, at crematoriums and graveyards, space runs short. At Ghatkopar, a 95-year-old man who came by a wheelchair was seen waiting for hours to bid farewell to his wife. Another young man, yelling and shouting loud. “First, there was a lack of accommodation in hospitals, the shamshan ghat is now fully congested... Where should we go?

Helplessness in the Epidemic: What do we do, How do we do?

India and its health policy are cracked beneath the pressure of COVID right now. We are living in a nationwide emergency. The spectacles of any of the mass crowded election rallies, the religious gatherings like Kumbh, the farmer's protests, or any of the mass assemblage — is not only just stupid, but also it is an abuse to the doctors at the frontline who are sweating out to save lives. Approximately more than 1000 doctors have already given their lives due to Covid just to keep people alive. 

Helplessness in the Epidemic: What do we do, How do we do?

A Covid patient Vandana Mahajan has tweeted a picture of a tired health worker from the Covid treating hospital, she wrote "I had Covid and was admitted for 6 days. This picture will stay with me. For the ones reading this tweet- they are humans too! As a mental health professional, I couldn't help but be there for them. Follow the thread..." Retweeting her tweet businessman Anand Mahindra replied, "This picture will stay with all of us too. It'll be one of the most eloquent visual records of...the tragedy and quiet heroism provoked by the pandemic." This scene will break everyone's heart, how the workers and doctors are struggling hard to save lives. 

Helplessness in the Epidemic: What do we do, How do we do?

They are deserved to be respected and we should be saluting them each day. As Hemant Deshmukh, dean at Mumbai’s KEM Hospital spoke an utter truth that “Currently, we are addressing the deficiency of beds in hospitals, medicines, and vaccines. What will we do if we run short of doctors?

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