The Second Wave: New COVID-19 vs Old COVID-19
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15-Apr-2021 , Updated on 4/15/2021 6:21:07 AM

The Second Wave: New COVID-19 vs Old COVID-19

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After a short silence, India's COVID-19 case misfortune is on the upward spiral once again. The second wave of COVID-19, which has hit India which is causing an extended surge of epidemics. With cases having passed the 2-lakh mark over the recent days, specialists are now bothering that not simply the second wave reimpose the requirement for constraints, it could additionally be much more dangerous than the first one.

Be it the result of the double mutant modification or the lax precautions, there is rising proof that the second wave of the virus is expanding at a much higher strength than last year. In the last statement, the Health Ministry has additionally highlighted that the following 2 weeks (till the end of April) are dangerous for restraining this wave.

What's behind the current uptick in cases?

While self-righteous behavior and the appearance of more modern, scarier COVID-19 mutations have continued to the problems, doctors in the nation are too reporting a revolution in the way the disease is causing symptoms.

Reason for the Enhancement of the Second Wave - 

Less Care: People had make-up their mind that it's all over, they don't even care now what made the government implement lockdown the previous year. How bad the situations were last year, and the latest graph is way more destructive, people are affecting faster than the past year. After all that this new year brought some changes everything started turning in the favor of the public, people started getting better. The change had made them stop wearing masks and follow the precautions. which is the most significant reason for the expansion of cases right now. 

Elections and Government: If one observes the extensive crowds at political gatherings and rallies, one would discover it challenging to understand that COVID-19 cases are once again on the growth in the nation. A close review of these swelling crowds will reveal to us that most people are not putting up the masks and quite obviously, physical distancing is a thing of the past. These political leaders, who used to ask the citizens to be careful and maintain social distancing to restrict the spread of coronavirus, are approaching these heavy crowds of supporters in poll-bound states. And only one person or party is not responsible, every party is yelling these norms and helping each other in spreading the virus once again. 

The Second Wave: New COVID-19 vs Old COVID-19

Lockdown: With the celebration of Holi and the Maha Kumbh in Haridwar simply round the edge as well as five states during a hectic election season, India's 'second wave' is firmly above all. Scientists are still trying to figure out how these new variants behave. This another lockdown could be the answer to all the questions now. Some authorities point out that lockdowns will again ruin resources and compress the economy. Instead, lockdowns can support the government provides the infrastructure required to deal with the conditions, whereas the spread of the virus can be managed through efficient containment of the Infection. 

Vaccines and Treatment: As soon as the vaccines are circulated, treatment increased, and the mortality rate started decreasing people thought that they are safe. Which is also making the change to enhance the amid rising in the coronavirus cases. 

New Covid-19 Strain's Symptoms: It's almost more than a year since the violent coronavirus wreaked devastation in countries, and yet after numerous attempts to restrain the extent of it, the second wave of the coronavirus is presently expanding like wildfire in the population.

As we all understand the most obvious indications for COVID-19 are fever, dry cough, loss of smell, and taste, but something people are ignorant of, is when to quarantine or get themselves tested because COVID-19 has a broad range of symptoms and therapeutic complications.

Now, we are witnessing the different COVID-19 strains, and unusual distinctive symptoms are observed in patients like conjunctivitis, sore throat, headache, rashes, upset stomach with diarrhea indications, and discoloration in fingers and toes.

The Second Wave: New COVID-19 vs Old COVID-19

How Dangerous is this New Strain

The following wave has generated the necessity to revisit resource preparation, as well as take command of Covid's willingness and Covid administration approaches. People also need to practice advanced caution by following the victorious protocols of sanitization, proper masking, and social distancing as a method to curtail the second wave of the coronavirus.

Whether or not it could generate severe diseases much like the initial strain is yet to be analyzed. Nonetheless, a circumstance that may be stoking the immediate positive COVID-19 crises for people who have received their vaccine shots.

The Second Wave: New COVID-19 vs Old COVID-19

Life is at Risk

The rise in COVID-19 cases that we are witnessing is no wonder. People are not even following mask discipline after the vaccination and people are getting infected even after getting both doses. Another perspective is the dissimilar symptoms of the virus which is generating an enigma in detection. More personalities are now getting affected; hence, the mortality rate is additionally expanding. There is no variation in the treatment protocol of COVID-positive sufferers.

As it's been more than a year, there is not enough diversity in the way COVID-19 infections are growing, strongly due to the poor adherence to COVID-19 obligations such as mask-wearing and managing physical distancing. After the number of current cases began dropping at the end of the last year, people become careless to celebrate festivals, moving out to the busy and congested stores without masks. 

Those who haven't perceived completely vaccinated (got both shots) or even got one are at risk too. They should know that is this the most unusual and most destructive pandemic of all time, this pandemic is taking many lives of peoples, loved ones, family members, and relatives. This is not a thing to ignore or take something for granted, 

The Second Wave: New COVID-19 vs Old COVID-19

People should comprehend that "Life is at Risk" and all the safety is in their hands. 

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