Discover the Truth and the Positive Link Between Alkaline Water & Cancer


Discover the Truth and the Positive Link Between Alkaline Water & Cancer

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Alkaline Water

The pH level of regular tap water is around 7.5, whereas the pH level of Alkaline water has a higher pH of 8 to 9. The higher the number, the more alkaline the water and lower the amount indicate the acidic nature of the water. Water with low (acidic) pH tends to have toxic effects. It is once assumed that intake of acidic foods and drinks may enhance the risk of emerging cancer. However, it is also being said that an acidic diet feeds cancer cells, that allows the cell to flourish and spread in the body thoroughly.

Information on Alkaline Water and Cancer

Alkaline water machine helps neutralize the acid that is found in your blood circulation. It is thought that drinking water with higher pH can enhance your metabolism and develop your body's ability to absorb essential nutrients.

Some assumption that alkaline water will starve any cancer cells found in your body is because cancer cells flourish in an acidic ambiance. Thus, introducing something alkaline is said to slow or sojourn cancer enhancement by balancing your body's pH levels.

Generally, alkaline water may have a hydrating effect on your body. For some people, it also enhances symptoms associated with stomach acid reflux. Therefore, in a body with normal function, alkaline water will not cause a significant change, if any, in your body's careful acid-base balance found in the blood circulation.

What the Expert has to Say?

Alkaline Water has become very popular and drinking trend, as numerous fitness gurus and celebrities hyping its detoxification and hydration benefits. You may also be aware of the fact that alkaline water can treat or prevent cancer.

So, what should people with cancer know about drinking alkaline water? Here we talk about what actually is alkaline water and why the science supports its use for people diagnosed with cancer.

Some studies have revealed that tumors are acidic and this acidity assist tumors enhance and survive. Hence, it is not at all only hypothesized that drinking alkaline water help treat and prevent cancer.

How Should One Use Alkaline Water?

The World Health Organization (WHO), in 2011, issued Guidelines Trusted Source on the quality of drinking water. The guidelines stated that the pH level of water doesn't have a direct impact on people. Water that is disinfected with chlorine has a pH lower than 8. However, if you would like to use Alkaline Water, you must be able to drink it as your regular tap water. Nevertheless, make sure that too much of alkaline water may bring several side effects, such as indigestion and upset stomach.

Side Effects

Balanced pH in drinking water is very essential. If the water is too alkaline or too acidic, it can potentially have an adverse consequence on your health. The human body is not designed for drinking alkaline water alone, however, if you drink an excess of alkaline water, it can upset the acid production in your stomach, and you can face stomach ulcers or indigestion.

Other risks comprise weakness to bacterial overgrowth and other germs, causing infection in your intestine. You, along with your body, may also have difficulty absorbing and digesting nutrients.

If you are experiencing any sort of Kidney Issues or have a chronic condition associated with your kidneys, you should consult your doctor or healthcare provider before use as it may be injurious.

Where Can One Get Alkaline Water?

You can form your own Alkaline Water with exceptional filters or faucet attachments. You can also use colorant drops to alkalinize water. One can purchase water ionizers that alter your tap water to an alkaline pH in most large chain stores. One can also buy bottled alkaline water that is available at several grocery stores. However, there is no significant scientific evidence suggesting that Alkaline Water has a positive impact on the treatment of cancer or health.

How to Use Alkaline Water?

Though there is no significant evidence suggesting that alkaline water has health benefits, it is generally considered safe to drink. Thus, if you want to give alkaline water a try, please follow these tips mentioned- below:

Once digested, it produces alkaline by-products that alkalinize your more urine. Adding a squeeze of lemon or lime to your water can diminish the alkalinity as these citrus fruits are acidic in nature.

If you want to form your alkaline water, use distilled water. This may reduce the number of essences.

You should prohibit alkaline water at mealtimes. Drinking alkaline water with food may adverse your body's digestion.

While drinking alkaline water, you may experience any unusual side effects. You should stop using and consult your healthcare provider. They can work with you to control the cause, if required, update your treatment routine.


It is undeniable that alkaline water is leading to a healthy world. People worldwide are awakening fast on fitness and health in matters, besides living with dexterity. As people now do not want to live; they want to live a safe, healthy, and secure life. Hence, install an alkaline water purifier from Chanson India, Chanson Taiwan's franchisee, the recognized and pioneer of alkaline water ionizers.


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