Birthday Special : When Vladimir Putin Cried For First Time


Birthday Special : When Vladimir Putin Cried For First Time

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Yesterday (October 07) was the birthday of Russia's mighty President Vladimir Putin. Since he has been in public life for more than two decades, he has been seen as an emotionless face in pictures and videos.

But this happened once even though Putin probably cried in public for the first and last time. His eyes were swollen. He was repeatedly resorting to the shoulder of his ex-wife Lyudmila. 

Putin is known as a tough and powerful leader in world politics. There was a time in his life when he cried sobbing. This is done when he became the acting President of Russia and was in the race to become President. 

The BBC then published a report on this matter. The report, published nearly two years ago, was titled The day Putin cried. Then his senior colleague and Anatoly Sobchakwho brought him into politics, was being buried. This date was 24 February 2000. On this day, he started his political journey. 

Anatoly Sobchak was among those who fought to end the Soviet Union. The same Russian intelligence agency working in the KGB brought Vladimir Putin into politics. However, there were also plenty of discussions that Putin was involved in Sobchak's death. 

It was this person who helped Putin.

Anatoly Sobchak was mayor of St. Petersburg. He called Putin and made Putin his assistant. Both were very close to each other. Sobchak was then accused of corruption. Putin helped him escape from the country. They arranged special aircraft for this. It was a matter of the 90s. 

The Yeltsin era was a period of anarchy in the Soviet Union 

Boris Yeltsin was president in Russia then, there was an atmosphere of chaos. Yeltsin was called a drunk. He was mostly drunk. Hardly used to do any work. 

It is said that Sobchak and many of his influential companions were influenced by Putin and wanted to entrap him into the inner circle of Yeltsin. So that he can become his successor. Those who worked with Putin were influenced by him. He had an amazing ability to work and the ideas were amazing. Also vigorous analysis and logical ability.

He cried over the death of her friend Sobchak 

When Putin first joined the presidential race after Yeltsin, his friend Anatoly Sobchak died in a hotel room when he was 62 years old. In the post-mortem report, the cause of death was stated to be cardiac arrest. However, no evidence of a heart attack could be found. Sobchak's widow expressed doubts about her husband's death. 

There was a discussion of Putin's hand in his death 

Some believe that Putin was involved in Anatoly's death. After this, Putin appeared upset in the video made during Antoli's funeral. They were crying loudly. He was crying after hugging Antoli's wife. This was probably the first and last time when Putin was seen crying in this way. It is believed that he never displays his feelings in public. 

However, there are many reasons for his crying. Maybe he was in deep mourning after the death of his trusted guide. Or it could be that the matter is something else, maybe they are in guilt. 

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Putin grew up in poverty 

Vladimir Putin grew up in poverty. He lived in a small apartment in St. Petersburg. Now the world's most powerful celebrities. Both his daughters are billionaires. Putin himself is said to have tremendous wealth. They have been ruling Russia for 20 years. 

It is true that the person who opposed him was either sent to jail or he became a victim of a suspicious death. They have created a system in Russia that works only for them. Keeps over all obstacles coming in their way. In the eyes of some people, they have created an unjust system in Russia. 

From a minor colonel to the pinnacle of power 

How did a minor colonel attached to the security service 'KGB' finally reach the pinnacle of power? Putin was born into a very poor family. He grew up in a very difficult situation in the neighboring area of ​​St. Petersburg. He completed his university studies through struggle. Then the Committee for National Security achieved a minor position in the KGB. 

His job continued till the disintegration of the Soviet Union. In the KGB, Putin was posted in a very simple position. There were thousands like him. After this, they came in the eyes of some people, who in those days were tricking to take over the power of Russia. Then he became the Mayor. 

A puppet president was being searched 

Soviet Russia was on the verge of collapse in the late 1990s. The country was in the hands of an alcoholic President Yeltsin. Was struggling with the fight of mafias. There were much corrupt bourgeoisie who were openly messing with law and order. 

In those days, a person was being searched who could dance as the President at the behest of a group. The same group first included Putin in the inner circle of Yeltsin. After this, he started influencing everyone. The script, written as the successor of the old and sick former President Yeltsin, started to live up to the script.

He was an unknown face before the election 

Elections were only six months away. Putin was an unknown face for Russian voters. Putin refused to say yes to candidacy. Putin had no background and political experience, he may have given speeches on very rare occasions. Those who knew him at that time tell that he was very nervous and shocked on reaching the President's throne. 

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