What Russia's Entry In Armenia-Azerbaijan War Means ?


What Russia's Entry In Armenia-Azerbaijan War Means ?

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Did World War 3 start in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis? The same question is being asked the most today. India-China is face to face with the Indo China Standoff. Tension has persisted in both countries for several months.

In addition, the Armenia-Azerbaijan war has started in Armenia and Azerbaijan. There is a possibility of this war taking a big form in the coming days because Russia is going to take an entry in it.

Russia can give an attack order

Given the kind of atmosphere, it is possible that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an attack on Turkey. Because Russia is with Armenia while Turkey is advocating for the Muslim country Azerbaijan.

It is reported that Turkey and Pakistan are sending terrorists to fight on behalf of Azerbaijan. If Turkey orders an attack, then a terrible war will start between Russia and Turkey and other superpowers of the world will also join this war. 

Scene of destruction is possible

War has been going on for the last four days in Azerbaijan and Armenia, two small countries bordering Iran-Turkey. The pictures of the explosions and the devastation that came from the battlefield are about to raise the color. In the borderline of Azerbaijan and Armenia, these days, only the shock of the explosion is heard round the clock. Azerbaijan is a Muslim-majority country while Christians live in large numbers in Armenia.

This is the root of the dispute

The major reason for the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which was part of the former Soviet Union, is the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Azerbaijan describes the mountainous region of this region as its own, while Armenia is occupied here.

The region has been under Armenia's occupation since the fighting ended in 1994. In 2016 too, there was a bloody war between the two countries over this area, in which 200 people were killed. Now both countries are face to face once again.

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This is a matter of concern Both sides have started gathering troops

at the border. Armenia has claimed to have killed four Azerbaijan helicopters. In view of the crisis, along with the imposition of martial law in some areas of Azerbaijan, curfew orders have also been given in major cities.

It is a matter of concern that Russia, Turkey, France, Iran and Israel are also in danger of being involved in this battle of Armenia and Azerbaijan and that is why the whole world has heard the call of World War Three.

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