ISIS's Barbarism To Keep Sex Slaves

07-Oct-2020 , Updated on 10/7/2020 4:36:08 AM

ISIS's Barbarism To Keep Sex Slaves

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In March 2019, Syria announced the end of the terrorist organization ISIS. Although these dreaded terrorists did not end, they started looking for other countries for themselves. Now their whereabouts remain poor African countries.

Apart from grabbing the natural resources there, the terrorists are also making local girls a victim. For girls to remain sex-slave in ISIS, they are giving them birth control pills.

Syria showed assurance 

Syria's Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced last year that the last Baghauz village had also been freed from the clutches of the Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (ISIS). In a way, it was a matter of elimination of ISIS.

However, immediately many powerful countries including the US objected to this. US military central command Mustafa Bali said in a statement that ISIS has so much capability that it can carry out terrorist incidents not only in the Middle East but also outside it. 

The organization began to spread its foot in other places, fleeing Syria. Currently, the strength of the organization extends from Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Kuwait, Cyprus, Southern Turkey and Pakistan to India.

Africa remains its new destination. Please tell that there is a lot of gold mines there. Since the terrorist organization needs treasure to carry out its activities, it is now bent on ruining African countries. 

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Girls fall prey to ISIS brutality 

Apart from the mineral and gold deposits here, the girls here are also falling prey to the brutality of ISIS. International media has been continuously talking about this. A New York Times report described the overcrowding with girls and then their abortions.

These girls who have been made sex slaves are given a contraceptive pill every day, which they have to swallow in front of the terrorist who is in captivity. From one terrorist, she keeps going to the second-third terrorist continuously. 

In no way be pregnant, that's what ISIS wants

The Islamic State has become so cruel to hold women hostage for their sexual needs that they have even made their own rules. According to this, the man has to ensure that the woman whom he is enslaving is free from the child before having a physical relationship with him. To fulfill this rule, the Islamic State is giving birth control medicines to women. Even after this, if a woman becomes pregnant then her forced abortion is common. 

Earlier, the Islamic State had done the same thing 

According to the New York Times, the Islamic State believes that during the time of Prof. Muhammad, there was a practice of sexual hostage and they are pursuing this practice. For this, wherever ISIS goes, it starts kidnapping women up to 40 years old with low-cost girls. In Syria too, these terrorists had made many women of Yazidi community as sex slaves. 

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