Farthest Place On Planet Earth - Point Nemo

06-Oct-2020 , Updated on 10/6/2020 1:53:38 AM

Farthest Place On Planet Earth - Point Nemo

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The place on the earth, which is situated at the farthest land, is the name of a fictional fiction character of Indian origin. Point Nemo This is the correct answer. This place is considered to be the loneliest place on earth.

It is also called the center of the sea, from where it is not easy to reach the nearest earth. Know, what is Point Nemo and why it is considered the loneliest place in the world.

The word Nemo is from the Latin language, meaning none. When a place is called a nemo point, it means that no one lives there. This place is the farthest place from the dry land, that is, in the middle of the sea. It is also considered to be the center of the sea.

This place is situated between South America, Australia and New Zealand. Nemo Point does not fall within the boundary of any particular country, but if you want to see the island closest to it, then it is about 2,688 kilometers away. 

Nemo Point is used in a very different way due to lack of authority of a particular country. Here, the satellite is spoiled or its fuel is dropped while going to or from space. This pile is so much that it has started being called the graveyard of satellites on earth. According to a BBC report, so far more than 100 satellite junk has been collected here. 

When the satellite completes its work, it starts pulling towards the orbit of the earth, due to which there is a fear of the bad satellite falling anywhere, to any populated place. This can be quite dangerous.

This is the reason why the debris of the satellite is dropped in Point Nemo. Situated at a depth much deeper than the light, marine animals are not equal to this place, so there is no fear of loss of any animals or vegetation. 

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For the first time, Russia's satellite was dropped here. It was about 140 tons. When it was dropped after being in space for more than a decade, its debris spread thousands of kilometers away. Many debris has been discarded in Point Nemo since then. An official warning is also given before every debris is dropped so that there is no air traffic. 

Point Nemo, full of mysteries for scientists, was officially discovered about 27 years ago. Hrvoje Lukatela, a Canadian-origin survey engineer, discovered this. In the early nineties, a loud voice was observed here.

No one could understand the secret of this voice. Even some scientists accepted it as the voice of another world. Later on recording the sound, it was understood that this sound was going to make more noise than the sound of blue whale.

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