NASA Builds Whopping $ 23 Million Toilet At ISS

01-Oct-2020, Updated on 10/1/2020 3:04:50 AM

NASA Builds Whopping $ 23 Million Toilet At ISS

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The US space agency NASA's commitment to making space travel easier and better is not hidden from anyone. In Space Research, NASA is focusing its attention on preparing to send two people to the Moon after four years, but it is also very closely related to the problems related to long-term travelers living in space. The work has been done. Under this, NASA is now ready to send $ 2.3 million new and improved toilets to the International Space Station (ISS).

Better than the old system 

The cost of these isolates to an American taxpayer is $ 23 million. But these toilets are going to make the journey of astronauts much easier, including astronauts living in ISS. With this, it will be able to recycle waste in a better way. 

How different from the rest of the toilet 

This toilet system is named Universal Waste Management System (UWMS). These new toilets are smaller than the toilets currently available in the space station. In terms of size, they have become 65 percent smaller and in terms of weight, they have become 40 percent smaller. Apart from this, they also have footrest and handle facilities which will be helpful in preventing crew members from flying on delicate occasions. 

Cleaning maintenance easy 

This new design will also prove to be good news for women astronauts. NASA says that this new device is not only easy to use, its maintenance and cleaning is also easy and fast. 

How will the system work 

Crew members will urinate in a funnel that will be connected to a hose. At the same time, he has got a new seat to use to clean his stomach. A titanium dual-fan separator will separate and pull out the waste.

The most important thing about this system is that it has become fully automatic now. At the same time, there is also a new system which will be helpful in maintaining a better smell in the space station. 

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And what will happen to this waste 

The collected urine will be treated first and it will be recycled directly in the station and converted into water. At the same time, sewage will be stored in containers and sent back to the earth for analysis. But most of it will be left to burn in the atmosphere while things like toilet paper, gloves will be dumped in water-proof bags. 


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