Why Donald Trump Is The Twitter President


Why Donald Trump Is The Twitter President

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From becoming a builder under the shadow of a father to becoming the President of the US, Donald Trump has adopted the 'Survival of the fittest' policy of safeguarding the best. Trump trumps many things, including his being a Republican. However, Trump, who is famous for turning around, has not always been a Republican.

In 1987, Trump registered himself as a Republican in Manhattan. According to several surveys at that time, the most respected person in America was. But his eyes remained on his business advantage, so he joined the Reforms Party in the year 1999 and then moved to the Democratic Party in 2001. 

This change in the parties was the beginning of realizing the dream of childhood for Trump. In this dream, apart from family identity, there was a strong desire for power. Trump did not grow up in a family struggling with an economic crisis. Still, he had to struggle to get his father's permission for anything. 

Many feel that Trump had to fight hard for the father's consent to the presidential candidacy. For this reason, he also had to play hide and seek with the media. However, even at that time, Trump often said, 'I am sure that if I join the presidential race, I will win.' 

Nikki Haskel, a famous television personality who interviewed many of Trump during his youth, said in a documentary, 'Some kids want to be firemen, some want to be doctors, but Donald always wanted to be president, but for this, he gave the right time Waited for 

In 1999, Trump decided to stand for the presidential election on behalf of the Reforms Party. Also approached the Exploratory Committee for nomination in next year's election. However, he was out of the race early, as according to many surveys, his chances of winning were less than 10 percent.

The person who was known (or notorious) only for winning, his decision to withdraw from the election was not a surprise. Trump was often found saying that he would contest elections only when he would win. 

However, Trump's itching to stay in the news continued. When his other tactics failed, Trump emerged again after a few years with a rumor of standing in the election. Once again, he twitched the media like.

However, Trump's uneasiness increased as his efforts to attract attention did not get the attention in the media. Most of the people got the news a promotional stunt for Trump's reality show 'The Apprentice'. 

Trump later attended the Conservative Political Conference (CPAC). Seeing Trump there, he was compulsively asked if he was contesting the presidential election. Trump's reply was, 'I am here because I am Donald Trump.'

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At the same time, Trump first made a public statement about the ongoing controversy over Barack Obama's birth certificate. He gave a moving speech. This not only got accolades but that speech also made his real introduction in the world of politics. 

Well, Trump got the strength to stand against the Democratic Party after dinner for reporters at the White House. Trump was directly attacked by President Barack Obama at that dinner. He said, 'Trump will be most happy and proud to finish the birth certificate issue because after this he can focus on the important issues.' Like did we fabricate the lie of landing on the moon? What exactly happened at Roswell? Where are Biggie and Tupac?' Obama also taunted Trump's reality show. Along with this, a picture of the White House cartoon was also revealed. 

Obama was going on to win the next election, but then Donald Trump decided to stand in the election. With his trademark slogan 'Make America Great Again', the slogan of making America great again also sealed the decision. With crores of rupees flowing like water in the election campaign, Trump created a group on Twitter to read the opinion of the people, so as to brainstorm the possibility of victory and also understand the issues for campaigning. It is hard to believe but true that the infamous concept of 'Mexican Wall' was based on likes and retweet on Twitter. 

Trump's reign on Twitter began in 2016 and is still intact. On December 6, 2016, the world came to know the power of his tweet. Trump had tweeted suddenly expressing his desire to withdraw the contract to build the new 747 Air Force One from Boeing. Trump trumped - 'Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but it costs four billion dollars too much. Order Cancel! ' 

The day Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and took over as president, the public in Washington understood that Trump would not leave this powerful position soon. Trump did the same. Despite the commotion and many legal cases for impeachment, Trump had announced to stand for the 2020 election as expected on 18 February 2017.

While the world faced an epidemic crisis in 2020, Trump continued his campaign by ignoring all precautions related to Corona. From the perspective of Trump, this election is a 'one-man show'. The first presidential debate in the US is scheduled for 29 September 2020. The election of the President will be held on 3 November.

Meanwhile, all the bets were used in the Trump-Pence campaign to woo voters. Trump says he is eyeing victory. However, the sad thing is that their fight is not against an enemy like Covid-19. However, soon it will be clear whether Trump will become President for the second time.

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