Hans Lippershey- The Original Inventor Of Telescope


Hans Lippershey- The Original Inventor Of Telescope

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The telescope was invented by a person whose name is hardly known. Most believe that this invention was done by Galileo Galili of Greece. While this is the wrong answer. Galileo further improved this invention. This was invented by a man running a glasses shop, who used to make and sell glasses to customers.

This person had invented the telescope 

The name of this spectacle was Hans Lippershey. He was not very well educated. He came into this profession, struggling just in search of livelihood. But the only thing good with him was that he was constantly trying to make something new with the lens of his glasses. Sometimes funny things happened to him. 

What is a telescope? 

Now we tell you what a telescope actually is. This is such a thing that shows something very far away. At first, this invention was not believed. Whoever saw this later, this miracle seemed more than that. 

It was like a miracle then 

It was like a miracle at that time to see such a distant thing with you. Then it was believed that the man who invented it is not less than God. The reality is that the telescope was not invented thoughtfully, but it happened. However, once the telescope was invented, it was further improved over time. There was a change in this. 

Who was Hannes Lippershey

Now we know about Hans Hannes Lippershey. Which was considered the first person to make binoculars. He used to make very good glasses. He had different types of lenses. One day when he saw some lenses joining together, he found that the object he is looking at is seen three times closer. 

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Patented in 1608 

In 1608 he patented it from the Netherlands government. Then Liparshi made a binocular with both eyes visible. Made binocular binoculars that could be seen with both eyes fixed. Both the convex lens and the concave lens were used in this telescope. 

Another anecdote of the invention of the telescope 

Although an anecdote of the telescope is found in books. Binoculars were not invented by Hannes Liparshi, but by his younger devil son in sports. On the school day, he came to the store to lend a hand. 

The son began to look outside the door by putting every colored glass in his eyes. Sometimes red sometimes yellow. When he started seeing everyone together; So the tower of the front church came very close. When he showed this to his father, he invented the telescope. 

Galileo built a more powerful telescope 

After this, Galileo made such a telescope using a far more powerful lens, then could bring any object 20 to 30 times. This enabled Galileo to study astronomy. 

It can definitely be said that Galileo was the first person who invented a successful telescope. With this, they discover the secrets of the sky. Now there are modern observatories all over the world.

Where there are such telescopes, which can peek into the sky thousands of kilometers away. By the way, a rotating NASA's Hubble telescope in space also keeps sending pictures continuously.

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