People Quitting Smoking Thanks To Corona Pandemic


People Quitting Smoking Thanks To Corona Pandemic

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2020! A year that is not praying for an early end? Amidst the news of crises one after the other, is there anything good that will happen this year? The game of nature is that the coin has two sides. If something is bad then there will be some good side too. So did you know what coronavirus is giving good news?

According to the study of the UCL Smoking Toolkit, since this year, activities like mingling and party were almost non-existent and many shops were closed, tobacco products could also sell less.

Apart from this, in order to avoid the epidemic named Kovid, people also reduced cigarette or bidi to strengthen immunity. According to the survey, the number of smokers in France and Britain decreased significantly 

Not only this, where 16.2 percent wanted to quit smoking in 2019, the figure so far in 2020 is that 23.2 percent of the people feel that they should quit smoking. Such surveys are being done since 2008, but the intention to quit smoking has been seen in most people this year.

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Researchers said that about one million people quit smoking in Britain. Experts believe that more than anti-smoking propaganda, the reason for this is the wide spread of corona infection worldwide.

Normal life in many countries came to a standstill since March this year due to the lockdown. Social reconciliation became less and wandering, travel etc. became very limited and people were also more concerned about health. 

However, even after these results, many anti-smoking institutions of Britain say that the campaign against smoking will be continued continuously till life becomes normal. Some organizations like Stoptubar appeal to smokers not to smoke cigarettes once a year. Last year, 2 lakh people took part in this event.

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