Know About Sergei Torop Who Claimed To Be Jesus 2.0


Know About Sergei Torop Who Claimed To Be Jesus 2.0

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Looking at the history, the number of such people who have declared themselves, or believed, to be an incarnation of God, has been reduced. This has also happened in the last few years.

The latest case is from Russia, where a former policeman has claimed an avatar of Jesus Christ himself. This person has come into the limelight because he has been arrested on charges of psychological psychological torture and physical harm to at least two people.

You may remember that a few years ago a man named Oscar Ramiro fired nine bullets at the White House in America. It later claimed to be an incarnation of Christ, claiming that 'God has sent him to kill President Barack Obama because Obama is anti-God'. Such stories are full of history. Tells you a fresh anecdote and some old interesting facts. 

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The person arrested in Russia is named Sergi Torop, who also calls himself 'Vizarian Christ the Teacher'. Torop has previously worked in a department of police and the Red Army. The alleged 59-year-old avatar was arrested by the police while conducting a special operation in Siberia and also caught some of its associates. 

There are reports that after the arrest of Torop, Russia's investigative committee has said that he will be booked for illegally running a religious organization. Also, people will be accused of raising money and mentally torturing people through this organization. It is said that Torop was running an organization in the compound named 'Christ / Church of the Last Testament' in the Krasnoyarsk area of ​​Siberia. 

Torop, who was sent to jail, claims that he had many mysterious experiences in the 1990s after leaving the traffic police job. It was through these experiences that she realized that Christ was reborn as her. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he shared these experiences of his rise, and with the help of some allies, he formed a religious organization. 

Later, calling himself Jesus, Torop also claimed that he has been sent to teach people in this world how terrible consequences of war are for humanity. 

The organization that Torop created has its own rules. Vegetarianism is compulsory in this organization promoting orthodox Christianity. Transactions are forbidden within the organization, and followers dress up plainly and casually. Followers of this organization start the calendar from 1961, the birth year of Turope, and celebrate Tropé's birthday on 14 January, not on 25 December. 

Thousands of people in Russia are said to be associated with this organization and pilgrims from all over Russia also come here. Many followers live in the areas around the ashram of this organization.

Although the official Church of Russia had been resenting this organization for a long time. The organization was also accused of local business disputes. Now after the arrest of Torop, it is not decided what will happen to this organization and its followers. 

According to foreign media reports, Torop has done at least two weddings and has six children. He even married a 19-year-old girl, who was living with him since the age of seven. Before he was arrested, Torop was living in a stately wooden bungalow and it has been said that he has already written the 'sequel of the Bible' in ten parts. 

After the arrest, a number of girls were found in the locations of her organization. In this regard, Torop said that there is a school for many girls, where girls are trained to become wife and bride in future.

Not only this, while telling his views about women, Torop also said that women should not think of going beyond men, should not take pride in their freedom. They should be shy and weak. 

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