First Hindu To Join Pakistan Army

25-Sep-2020 , Updated on 9/25/2020 5:38:36 AM

First Hindu To Join Pakistan Army

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On 25 September 2006, for the first time a Hindu Pakistan army joined. This was the first time after the independence of Pakistan, while the opportunity came that a Hindu was joined by the Pakistan Army.

The name of the young man who joined is Danish. He started his career in the Pakistan Army on a Captain's position. However, after this, there are now many Hindu officers in the Pakistan Army.

Danish hails from Tharparkar district of Sindh province bordering Rajasthan. Hindus live in large numbers in this district. The above picture is of another Hindu Captain of Pakistan Army, Anil Kumar. 

Although minorities are allowed to appear in every examination in Pakistan, but in Pakistan's army, minorities especially Hindus and Sikhs can be counted on their fingers. 

In Pakistan, at the level of rules, all can also participate in the Inter Services Selection Board examinations, but from the beginning of Pakistan till 2006, only one Hindu and one Sikh could get a place in the armies there. However, there are many Christian soldiers in Pakistan's armies. 

In December 2005, Harcharan Singh of Nankana Sahib became the first Sikh to be admitted to the Pakistan Army. Harcharan has now become a major. Later in 2010, another Sikh youth named Amarjeet Singh was appointed as a Pakistani Ranger.

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He also came up for discussion during his parade at Wagah. Later, a Sikh youth was also recruited as Pakistani Coast Guard. 

Apart from this, in the police department, a Sikh youth named Gulab Singh was made traffic police ward for the first time. After this, some Hindu and Sikh minorities gradually got a place in the Pakistani forces.

However, there is no data on their exact numbers right now. But a few years ago a 27-year-old Lance Naik Lal Chand Rabari was killed in Pakistan. At that time he was posted on Mangla Front near PoK.

He used to come from the Badin district of Sindh. Recently, Rahul Dev of Tharparkar has joined the Pakistan Air Force as a pilot officer. He is the first Hindu to join Pakistan Air Force as an officer.

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