How Government Agencies Foiled Hacker Group Cyberattack Plan In Covid-19


How Government Agencies Foiled Hacker Group Cyberattack Plan In Covid-19

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Large scale cyber attacks were attempted in the country during Covid-19. The banking sector in particular was targeted by hackers. Apart from finance, departments like Defense, Telecom, and Railways were also targeted by hackers.

Due to the increase in online transactions, there has been tremendous cyber-attack attempts due to civil phishing and spamming. Central government agencies came to know about the hackers in time. Due to this, various cyber-attacks could be tracked in Indian cyberspace.

49 mock drills were conducted under the direction of the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert-In). In this action, 434 organizations from various ministries and states were involved. If people go somewhere else to get their bank accounts empty, on the other hand, important and sensitive information can be saved from going into the hands of hackers. 

According to Sanjay Dhotre, Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, during the Covid-19, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert-In) has actively worked. Various cyber attacks have been tracked in Indian cyberspace. Cert-In takes special protection for secure use of web conferencing software, securing mobile devices and apps, secure use of virtual private networks, and work from home. 

23 on various topics such as security measures for the health sector, online safety of children, various fishing attack campaigns from popular apps and services, and managing business continuity safely during crisis situations due to Covid 19 epidemic, etc. Advisory instructions were issued. In addition, Cert-In has conducted cyber crisis exercises with several large organizations to tackle, train, and guide epidemic-related cyber attacks. 

In the first phase, 72 organizations of the country participated in these exercises. Cyber ​​security-related incidents such as phishing, DDoS attacks (distributed denial of services), the intrusion of websites, malware infection, and intelligence services were dealt with by Cert-In through coordinated measures with various organizations and stakeholders. 

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These steps are taken to stop cyber attack 

Cert-In issued warnings and advisory instructions regarding the latest cyber threats and measures to protect computers on a regular basis. Instructions related to his role were given to the chief information officers.

All government websites and applications have to be audited in terms of cybersecurity before their hosting. Websites and applications will be audited on a regular basis even after hosting. The government has empaneled 90 cybersecurity audit organizations to assist in the implementation of information security best practices and conduct audits. 

For implementation by all the Ministries, Departments, State Governments, Union Territories and their organizations and important sectors of the Government, the Government has prepared a Cyber ​​Disaster Management Plan to deal with cyber attacks. To evaluate and enable the readiness of all such organizations, cybersecurity exercises ie mock drills are being conducted regularly. Cert-In has conducted 49 such practices so far. 

434 organizations from various states and union territories participated in the areas of finance, defense, power, telecom, transport, energy, space, IT, ITES, etc. Special training has been given to the Chief Security Officers and Network System Administrators of government and important sector organizations in order to secure the Cert-in IT infrastructure and reduce cyber attack. The Cyber ​​Sanitation Center (Botnet Cleaning and Malware Analysis Center) has been established. The center is providing free tools to detect and remove faulty programs.

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