Humans Lived In America More Than 30000 Years Ago


Humans Lived In America More Than 30000 Years Ago

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Until now, it was believed that the human population in North America had been around 15,000 years ago, but now this belief is being proved wrong after some remains found from a cave in Mexico.

This discovery has been discussed in a detailed article printed in the science-based journal Nature, according to which archaeologists have found many artifacts from here, including 1900 stone tools, which are more than 20 thousand years ago. Learn about this discovery and its interesting claims.

According to the study's lead author, Cipriani Ardalian, the reports said that what has been found is evidence that there has been a human settlement in America for a long time, although the artifacts of that time are very few. In the same year, the tools that have been found in the cave of Mexico, their age is estimated to be up to 33000 years with the radiocarbon dating technique. It is also worth noting that no specimen linked to human bones or DNA was found here 

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How many years before humans or homo sapiens arrived on American soil? Scholars have always held different opinions about this matter. But almost everyone agrees that America is the part of the earth where humans reached last. Now there is no consensus about the fresh evidence that has been found. According to Ardeniyal, if a story is found before 16000 years, then it is usually suspected. 

In 2017, Ardalian, who had done extensive research in the cave of Chiquihuite among the mountains located in the Zacatecas province of Mexico, received stone tools etc. in 2017. After taking more time in their analysis, now the research on this research started.

The model of Clovis culture was in dispute for the last two decades as clues to many ancient settlements were found. Professor Grun of the University of Alberta said on the study of all the researches that people were living in America even before the Clovis technique can be considered. 

This Clovis culture means that according to the information that was previously researched, it was believed that humans arrived in the Alaska part of America about 15,000 years ago. Here, through special tools, they lived life by hunting mammals and ancient animals. This model of development was understood as Clovis culture

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