Ricin Poison Sent To Donald Trump Is Far More Dangerous Than Cyanide

21-Sep-2020 , Updated on 9/21/2020 11:57:45 PM

Ricin Poison Sent To Donald Trump Is Far More Dangerous Than Cyanide

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The accused is accused of sending poisoned letters to US President Donald Trump. Let me tell you that a week ago, the White House seized a parcel full of poison. Toxic substance ricin was filled in it.

This poison emanating from castor pods is very deadly and its minimum amount can also kill someone. In the past too, many countries have used this poison to kill their opponents. Know, what is this poison, and when was it used.

Ricin in castor pods 

Ricin is the element that is present in castor or castor beans or pods. Even if this pod is chewed it can cause a lot of damage. By the way, it is also prepared in powder, tablet or liquid form which is soluble in water.

Risin usually comes out as waste material, which survives by preparing castor oil. Being dangerous, it is carefully destroyed. This compost is also made when pressed into the soil. 

How does this poison work 

Risin stops the production of protein in the body. It has a direct effect on the cells and they stop working. Whose body has been poisoned, it affects the respiratory system. Tremors begin.

Diarrhea and vomiting are also a symptom that appears within two to three hours of going to risin. This is the first alert. After this, the situation goes on deteriorating. Internal bleeding occurs and the patient dies within three days. Even its minimum quantity (about 500 mg) is enough to kill someone. 

Reach in the body works this fast 

The loss of this poisonous element is also dependent on how it reached the body. For example, if inhaled or inhaled, it can quickly and most dangerously affect the respiratory system. If it is eaten, there is diarrhea and internal bleeding. Within a few days, organs like the liver, kidneys of the patient stop working and death occurs. 

Could not get treatment for it 

If the risin comes in contact with the skin, its effect is not as dangerous, although there is also the fear that if it goes inside the mouth through the hands, then the body will have the same dangerous effect. Risin is also more deadly because its antidote has not been found so far. That is, if someone eats it by mistake or in someone's conspiracy, then it is almost impossible to avoid it. 

Conspiracies are constantly happening 

By the way, incidents of accidentally eating castor pods have been less known. While the conspiracies resulting from this are common. In 1978, a spy from Bulgaria, a supporter of the Soviet Union, committed a very cruel death from Risin.

He killed writer and journalist Georgi Markov, who spoke and wrote against the Soviet Union, with a risen umbrella. Risin was placed on the corner of the umbrella and through the wounds caused by it, Risin went directly into the writer's body. 

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Rammed umbrella 

This incident happened on London's Waterloo Bridge. It is believed that the US had asked the detective for this, although this could not be proved. Let us tell you that it was a cold war between Russia and America.

Then both countries used to attack each other by stealing. It was common for Russia to poison its enemy on foreign soil. Since then, several intrigues have been revealed to use Risin as a bioweapon. 

According to a report published in CBS News, the terrorist organization ISIS was also looking for a similar attack in the year 2018. The center of the attack was going to be Germany, though their intent came out in time. The terrorist who made resins was also caught. 

According to a report by The Hill.com, in 2014, a Mississippi person was sentenced to 25 years in prison for sending letters containing resins to then-President Barack Obama and other officials. At the same time in 2018, a former naval accepted sending a letter containing resins to President Donald Trump and several administrative officials, after which he was arrested.

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