Titanic Did Not Sank Due To Iceberg !


Titanic Did Not Sank Due To Iceberg !

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The incident of Titanic the world's largest ship of its time, is very famous. It is believed that the ship collided with an iceberg ie a huge piece of ice and sank with 1500 people. After the sinking of this ship, many stories were written and many stories were written.

Many successful films also became TV shows. To find out the real reason for its sinking, many searches were also done. According to one such study, the cause of Titanic's sinking was not the weather effect of space, but the weather of space.

What reason is given 

This new study, published in the journal Weather, prominently states that the northern hemisphere was in the grip of a moderate to the severe magnetic storm that night. The same storm made those changes, due to which the fate of the Titanic was not suspected. Due to the Titanic's, navigational readings affected its planned route. 

So what is the role of Surya here

The Sun is a very powerful molecular dynamo in which solar flames emit. Very powerful magnetic waves spread across the entire solar system from these volcanoes. These waves have a great impact on the magnetic field rotating and changing in the solar system.

But Earth's own magnetic field protects life here from these magnetic waves. Due to this, the dangerous magnetic waves coming from the Sun could not spoil us or else the Earth would become lifeless like Mars. 

Dependence on the magnetic field

Earth's magnetic field itself is variable. Man's long journeys have been heavily dependent on this magnetic field.

A device like a compass, Qutubanuman, has always been helpful in giving him the right direction in long journeys, which shows the direction of the magnetic pole or pole. 

Then it must have happened 

Milla Jenkova's author of this study is on this weather and space data. He says that the impact of the Titanic and even the ships of other ships around that time would have been affected by the impact of solar flames that night have been identified as the orator bore early. Larger deviations are possible due to a difference of even a degree in these compasses. 

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Then why was the rescue work not affected?

Jankovic ​​writes that Joseph Baxhel was monitoring the SOS situation of the ship. The Paxhall site was 24 kilometers from its original location. The Carpathia ship, which had come to the rescue at that time, would also have come under the influence of that geomagnetic storm and due to this, all of the Titanic and Carpathia errors in that area would not have affected their communication as a whole. Due to which the rescue work of the survivors did not fail 

Mixed reactions

Zenkovo ​​Theory is getting mixed reactions. Many believe that the night Oreor Borrieril was seen by many people, including some of the survivors of the Titanic drowning. This means that at that time there was some kind of activity in space.

At the same time, many people say that such an effect should have been seen in the whole world which did not happen. 

Many experts say that whatever it is, the solar flame and the magnetic storms that do not affect the Earth cannot be said. We only have to prepare better for the time to come.

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