These Nations Give Punishment Of Castration For Rape
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These Nations Give Punishment Of Castration For Rape

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An important decision was taken to stop sexual violence on women in Kaduna province, Nigeria. Under this, the government will now make the rapists impotent as a punishment. Also, if the rape is with a girl 14 years or younger, then the culprit will be hanged.

This decision was taken in view of the increased incidence of rape in the Corona period. Apart from Nigeria, there are many other countries where there is a provision to make surgery to the rapist. Know which are those countries where this law is punished on sexual offenses against women.

Just 2 years before India, women crime started increasing considerably in Indonesia, a country that became independent. In view of this, a law was passed there in the year 2016. Under this, the rapist started being made impotently chemically.

Let us tell you that testicles are not removed in this, but a process is done on them with chemicals, so that the sexual desires of the criminal are almost destroyed. However the problem with this is that its effect lasts only for about 5 years. After this, the criminal can commit sexual violence again. In the olden times, to punish a sex offender, he was subjected to the same process of castration. 

In Indonesia, this law has been made for those who commit sexual violence on children, but it has been tried in many other countries as well. According to The Sun's report, in Sweden, Denmark and Canada, sex offenders have been punished many times.

In the Czech Republic, there is a law for surgical castration for rapists. That is, if a rape is proved on someone, then the male's testicles will be cut and he will be impotent. This eliminates the possibility of the criminal committing another sexual violence in the future. This law came there in the year 1966.

The report quoted the Czech Republic as saying that between 2000 and 2011, this process of castration was adopted on 85 criminal men there. However, human rights activists have been strongly opposed to this.

The Parliament of Ukraine enacted such a law in July 2019. Under this, the culprit has to undergo chemical castration if proven to be rape. However, teenagers are exempted from this punishment. Only 18 to 65 years old men are included in this category.

Now recently, this sentence has been decided in the Kaduna province of Nigeria. Due to Coronavirus restrictions, the incidence of rape increased significantly in the country. Because of this, the anger of the people is increasing, due to which the governor of the state had to declare an emergency.

Governor Naseer Ahmed Il Rufai said that strict steps need to be taken to save the children from this serious crime. With this, there was talk of surgical castration. On the other hand, if women are also found guilty of sexual violence, then there is a similar punishment for them. His uterine placenta will be removed.

However, a few days ago, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan also suggested Castration to stop sex offenders. However, they are talking about chemical castration. It is important to know here that castration is also done in two ways - surgical and chemical treatment.

The testicles of the culprit are removed by operation during surgical castration. This ends sexual desire. Apart from punishment, testicle removal occurs in many diseases like prostate cancer or sometimes bilateral cancer. In olden times, gay men were also punished.

On the other hand, in chemical castration, the culprit is injected with hormones or given a tablet. This ends sexual desire in the offender. However, this medicine has to be repeated from time to time.

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This is the reason that many times countries who give this punishment for sexual offenders maintain data. Rule time after time they are given hormones again so that they do not commit a crime. In the nineteenth century, an American Dr. Harry Sharp's name was in the news. Dr. Sharp had impotent in this way over 200 criminals coming to jail on charges of rape. As the rape crime is rising in India with the lapse of time it is high time we need to adopt castration as the solid solution for rapists who destroy our society's women just to feed their sexual desire.

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