What Is Medical Oxygen ? Know How It Gets Delivered To Corona Patients

18-Sep-2020 , Updated on 9/18/2020 4:40:35 AM

What Is Medical Oxygen ? Know How It Gets Delivered To Corona Patients

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The number of Corona patients in India crossed the psychological figure of 5 million on 14 September 2020 . Over the past two weeks, more than 90 thousand cases are coming to the country every day. In view of such a rapid increase, problems have also started coming up with life-saving commodities. One of them is the supply of medical oxygen.

Medical oxygen is required to treat serious corona patients. In some states, due to increased cases, problems related to medical oxygen were revealed. After this, the central government has this week directed some states to keep the movement of life-saving equipment from one state to another uninterrupted.

Actually the matter is related to Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The Maharashtra government banned oxygen supply in view of the increasing cases here. Corona cases are also increasing in Madhya Pradesh and there is a supply of medical oxygen from Maharashtra. The matter reached the Madhya Pradesh High Court from where the court ordered that the supply of oxygen should be kept free. Some similar cases have also come up in the middle of districts. 

What is Medical Oxygen?

Medical oxygen is a very important medicine used in serious diseases and medical procedures. It is included in the Essential Medical List of India. It is mainly used for diseases related to the respiratory system. The World Health Organization has at least 82 percent pure oxygen in the medical oxygen. 

Why medical oxygen is important in corona pandemic? 

In the treatment of the corona epidemic, medical oxygen is required of those patients whose infection takes serious form. It is well known that the coronavirus has a serious effect on the human lungs and in a critical condition can lead to the death of the patient. Therefore, the supply of medical oxygen has become a major issue among the increasing cases of coronavirus. 

Ministry of Health clarified that there is no shortage of Medical Oxygen in the country. Treatment facilities are also adequately available in the hospital. The ministry said that the country has thousands of metric tons of surplus oxygen. 

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According to the ministry, currently, more than six percent of coronavirus patients require medical oxygen, of which 3.69 percent is for oxygen support, 2.17 percent for ICU beds (with oxygen), 0.36 percent for ventilator support (with oxygen) Is for.

There is certainly no shortage of oxygen at the national level, but a surplus of 1900 metric tons. This problem comes when the facility level, but you do not have inventory management. 

The country has the capacity to produce more than 6900 metric tons of oxygen (Oxygen for COVID-19 patients). 2800 metric tons of oxygen are used daily, including Covid-19 patients and non-COVID essential services.

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