India's Own Cyber Army- Tri-Service Command

17-Sep-2020 , Updated on 9/17/2020 11:39:19 PM

India's Own Cyber Army- Tri-Service Command

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Very few people will know that India also has its own defense cyber agency, which gives a befitting reply to the strong cyber attack from outside China. This is the Tri-service command. It has been made from the military staff of all three parts of the army. It has now started its work.

Its headquarters is in Delhi. It has started functioning fully from November 2019. It works in two ways. One is to protect our sensitive information from cyber attack and second, if someone tries to break into it, then this cyber command also gives him a complete answer. Its commander is Rear Admiral Mohit Gupta. 

We are all seeing that China is constantly looking for not only to steal our sensitive information but also keeps an eye on all our data. Recently, his news has come continuously to us. Our defense cyber agency deals with similar things. 

The work that a missile cannot do, it can do a cyber attack. In the last few years, India has suffered major cyber attacks. In these, the functioning of the PMO of India, some ministries and important departments have been affected. Cyber ​​groups of China and Pakistan have been continuously attacking the important establishments of India. 

It should be noted here that China maintains five commands of its army. These are the five commands - ground command, navy, airforce, space command, and cyber warfare command. All these commands have a lot of power. It is said that at present, China's cyber command is the most powerful cyber warfare command in the world. If he ever attacks directly on any country, then it will be very deadly. 

It has also been feared for a long time that sectors related to India's defense, energy, transport, power grid, strategic matters are on the target of cyber attackers. Not only can they do great damage, but if the attack becomes strong then it can jam our entire system. 

At present, cyberattacks on important departments and important sectors of India, such groups associated with Pakistan and China, which have the support of their army or government from somewhere. Due to this, we have suffered a lot of times, as well as the credibility that gets pushed, so different. 

In the last few years, the need of an agency capable of dealing with cyber attack and cyber warfare was felt in India. 

Actually, efforts started towards this from 2011 itself. The Naresh Chandra task force was then formed. The then National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon was particularly keen on this. A year later a report was made about it, which was submitted to the Prime Minister. When Narendra Modi took over as Prime Minister, it was immediately approved. Then the work of making started. 

On the initiative of the Government of India, several departments started preparations to form the Cyber ​​Warfare Command with the Army. In May 2018, Rear Admiral Mohit Gupta was appointed its commander. 

On 28 September 2018, the Defense Cyber ​​Agency was formed in the country through all the three organs of the army. In this, the help of experts of large IT institutions of the country was also taken. Then in November 2019, this cyber agency started working properly. It will get stronger with time. 

The large institutions that played a role in this together with the Army included the National Technical Research Organization working under RAW, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center, the Indian Computer Emergency Research Team. All these teams work closely with some departments of the Government of India and are considered knowledgeable from IT to cyberattack cases. 

There was also a two-day cyber exercise around April last year, which he had never done before. In this, India demonstrated its strength in the virtual world. He took stock of his inner strength. This cyber maneuver was named Cyborex. 

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Along with the three parts of the army, many big institutions of the country also participated in cyber maneuvers. This included the National Security Council Secretariat, (NSCS), National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, NIC and Computer Security Research Center (CSRC). 

The defense cyber agency has unlimited rights. It can hack networks, perform surveillance operations, get deleted data from hard drive and mobile. If a secret communication channel is running somewhere, it is able to encrypt it. At the same time, one can go to the bottom of complex differences related to cyber and can also solve complex problems related to it. Overall, it will work as an agency attached to the army, which will be fully capable of cyber warfare.

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