Why Is Chinese Army Playing Punjabi Songs Plus Using Hindi Language On Border ?


Why Is Chinese Army Playing Punjabi Songs Plus Using Hindi Language On Border ?

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Indian and Chinese troops have fought in the Pangong Tso-area of ​​eastern Ladakh (India China clashes near Pangong Tso Southern bank). The tension that followed the violent clashes in June has continued to deepen, which has not subsided even after five commander-level meetings. Meanwhile, the Chinese army is trying a different tactic.

It is playing Punjabi songs on loudspeakers to win the hearts of Indian soldiers or to divert their attention. There have also been announcements in Hindi. Why is China speaking Indian languages ​​in any language other than Chinese? Know, what is the meaning of it's strange tricks

Punjabi songs were heard loudly from the camps of Chinese soldiers stationed across the border in Ladakh. In between, strange and inflammatory things were also being said in Hindi. It is believed that China has been waging a kind of psychological warfare against Indian soldiers, from military skirmishes to diplomatic fronts. Playing these songs is a strategy under this. 

In fact, China feels that all the soldiers living in India and posted in Ladakh are Punjabis. This is the reason why he is playing Punjabi songs to distract them. One of its objectives is that by doing this, it wants to make the soldiers weak by reducing the anger created in them. 

Even Chinese loudspeakers are cleverly trying to provoke Indian soldiers. According to the report of the Eurasian Times, in the middle of the songs in pure Hindi, it is said from the other side that the leaders in Delhi are sitting comfortably, while soldiers have been deployed here in the snow. They are not deterring even by reminding them that after a few weeks the temperature will fall from -30 to -40 in Ladakh. In such a situation, the soldiers will neither get sleep nor will get hot food.

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Indian soldiers stationed on the border do not mind it. On the contrary, hearing these things, they are able to gauge the fear of the Chinese soldiers. Let me tell you that a few days ago, Chinese loudspeakers tried another method to break the troops of the Special Frontier Force deployed in East Ladakh. They were declaring that the soldiers stationed on such an inaccessible front are only for the use of politicians and are of no use.

This Chinese method of psychological warfare is too old to break the courage of Indian soldiers. In the year 1962 also during the war, China tried the same trick. In conversation with the Times of India, a former Indian Army chief said that even during that time, China used to play Punjabi songs from across the border. Often used to say inflammatory things in Hindi. 

Even after five years, there was a Sino-Indian conflict in Nathu La in 1967, during which China continued to do the same thing. However, it was of no use. In contrast, more than 300 Chinese soldiers were killed. At the same time, 90 soldiers of India were martyred. After this, the fear of fighting Indian soldiers sat in the mind of China. This was the last bloody conflict between the two countries. Due to the India-China treaty of 1996 and 2005, the soldiers of both countries do not use firearms. 

Even after this, China is not getting hawk and is trying the old way to divert the attention of the Indian Army again. On the other hand, Indian soldiers are learning Chinese. Actually, this is a step taken to reduce the conflict between the two countries.

There has been talking of a push-off between the Chinese and Indian soldiers posted on the border. Things like pushing during the patrolling, trailing the troops through poles or dropping a pitta bag have been happening on the border. 

During the confrontation, soldiers of both countries tried to speak something among themselves, but language was a barrier between them. Thinking of reducing the small deadlock with mutual talk, in the year 2017 itself, about 300 ITBP personnel were taught the Chinese language. It was ensured that during the patrolling, there should be some young person who knows the Chinese language on every post. 

Now after the recent tension, every ITBP jawan is going to be taught Chinese. There are about 180 border outposts here, where a force of about 90 thousand soldiers is deployed. Now a training plan is being prepared to teach everyone the Chinese language. It will be mandatory for every jawan. In addition to the basic training course, there will also be a refresher course so that language can be given from time to time. 

On the lines of the Indian Army, Chinese experts have also said that their soldiers should learn Hindi. A report about this in the government newspaper Global Times also came in 2017. Amidst the Doklam controversy, the newspaper had said that Chinese soldiers should also be taught Hindi so that friendship between the soldiers would increase. However, since then no such information has come out that the People's Liberation Army of China is teaching Hindi to its army.

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