Parallel Parenting Top Tips Every Partner Should Follow


Parallel Parenting Top Tips Every Partner Should Follow

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A divorce or separation of a couple ends the boring and negative relationship on one side. However, separation is not the reason for the end of the communication between the husband and wife, especially when both have children. At the same time, children need the love of both parents.

In situations where children are spending their time with their parents, how difficult it is to be comfortable communicating with their old partner while being face to face. In this way, parallel parenting is important.

Parallel parenting reduces the interaction between you and your ex-partner. If there is less interaction, there will be fewer chances of fighting between you in front of the children. Under this arrangement, the parents are separated and the child who is supervised has to take care of the child. 

Such an arrangement may be particularly necessary when there is a history of mental health issues such as intoxication or borderline personality, in which an amicable relationship is impossible. 

Parallel parenting is different from co-parenting. In co-parenting, you have two parents who, to show themselves, have a friendly, friendly attitude to each other. They may be together even if their relationship does not continue.

They take care of their child in a healthy environment. This does not mean that such couples do not have misconceptions among each other, but keep it separate from their relationship for the future of the child. Go to school meetings and join in his activity. 

At the same time, everything is different in parallel parenting. These parents do not go along with the extra-extracurricular activity of the child, in an appointment with a doctor or in a school meeting. They communicate only when necessary and that too is a. 

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Parallel parenting also has its benefits. One could argue that parallel parenting does not benefit the child or puts more stress on them. But the reality is different. Parallel parenting prevents children from fighting. This strategy It is in the interest of any family. It makes you feel a little safe and secure. It also helps in laying the foundation of co-parenting. 

1. Decide how you will share time with the child. It should be certain that on which day the child will be with you and on which day with your Ex. In this, you can keep details of where to go, where to celebrate holidays or how to celebrate your birthday.

2. Decide the start and end time of the visit. Confusion does not happen when the parents decide the pick up and drop time of the child.

3. Decide on the location of pick up and drop. This will help in achieving the goal of limited communication between parents. You can choose a place from where you can take and bring both children. There may be parking or some other place. You can also take the help of a third person, who is your acquaintance or friend, to bring the two children to each other.

4. Decide on special circumstances. If you have to go somewhere in an emergency and are not able to take care of the child on that day, make arrangements in advance for such a situation. You have more time in the week and want to spend more time with your child.

5. Make a plan to resolve the dispute. If the parallel parenting plan works, it does not mean that there will be no quarrels between you. You can request the court to appoint an arbitrator for the situation of the dispute.

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