Why Arab Foes Becoming Friends With Israel ?

17-Sep-2020, Updated on 9/17/2020 11:49:20 PM

Why Arab Foes Becoming Friends With Israel ?

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Every successive Arab country is befriending Israel. All these friendships are being hosted by US President Donald Trump. Arab countries' friendship with Israel can have historical significance because for decades all Muslim countries continue to consider Jewish-majority countries as enemies.

There was a long history of battles on both sides. Then what is the reason that the Arab countries have suddenly forgotten the hostility and moved towards normalizing relations with Israel. Know what this means

In August itself, Israel and the United Arab Emirates joined hands of friendship, leaving more than 5 decades of old enmity. US President Donald Trump acted as a bridge between the two countries.

Israel is withdrawing its claim from Palestine's West Bank under an agreement between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince Mohammed Al Nahyan. The UAE, on the other hand, is beginning full political relations with Israel. 

In this way, the UAE became the third country after Egypt and Jordan to recognize Israel. Let us tell you that in 1979, in Egypt and in 1994 Jordan signed a peace deal with Israel. Bahrain is the latest country after these three countries, with which Israel has a diplomatic relationship.

Recently, under the chairmanship of Trump, this fourth Arab country recognized the Jewish country of Israel. It is now expected that other Arab countries will also come forward, forgetting their enmity for Israel. 

To understand the importance of friendship of these countries, it is necessary to know how and when the hostilities started in Arab countries and Israel. In fact, Israel is the only Jewish country surrounded by Muslim countries, which not only protects itself, but has responded to the attack with double strength.

It is a small country to say but it is very strong on the military front. At the same time, it is also a country with nuclear power. With its construction in the year 1948, Israel started falling prey to the hatred of the Gulf countries. The reason for this was due to the different religious beliefs and increasing power there. 

As a result, in 1967, the Gulf countries attacked Israel. This fight continued for about 6 days from the first week of June but it changed the map of Arab countries. Even after being small, the powerful country Israel pushed Egypt, Syria and Jordan back from its borders. In this war, the countries who were frightened by the power of Israel, kept silence at that time, at the behest of America and the United Nations, but the anger continued to rage within. 

After this Arab-Israeli war, all the Gulf countries became arch-enemies of Israel. Many types of restrictions were imposed on him. For example, Saudi Arabia banned it even for petroleum giving countries. In 1979, Egypt became the first country to forget the rivalry with Israel and move ahead. After this, Jordan made friendships in the early nineties. However, both these countries faced many restrictions from the rest of the Arab countries. 

Now after the Corona kill, the chemistry of countries is changing rapidly. After the UAE, Bahrain has also befriended its arch-enemy Israel. It is believed that about 9 Arab countries want friendship with Israel. According to a report in the Eurasian Times, US President Trump himself said that after Bahrain and UAE, many more countries are in the queue. According to Trump, many big countries will also be involved in this. 

After more than 5 decades, the friendship between Arabia and Israel is seen as a dawn of a new Middle East (the new dawn in the Middle East). By the way, one of the major reasons for forgetting the mutual enmity is the increasing power and bullying of China.

In fact, China is increasing its dominance in a small strategy by investing money in small countries. In this way, he is capturing the ports and moving trade by sea route. Overall, China has become a threat to many big countries of the world and especially to America. In view of this, America is engaged in uniting all countries against China. Trump's recent effort is seen in this way. 

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Another reason is the growing friendship and danger arising from China and Iran. Under the deal between the two countries, there will be a trade agreement between them for 25 years. With this deal, China will give Iran crude oil for its Chabahar rail project at very cheap rates and Iran will allow China to invest in its place in return. 

The New York Times has obtained an 18-page document on the deal between the two. These documents show that China is going to invest about 280 billion dollars in Iran. Along with this, both countries will also share military and intelligence information. In the Corona period, the US has been greatly agitated by this agreement between the two countries.

At the same time, India has also been shocked due to going out of Chabahar Rail Project. Apart from this, if China stays in Iran then India may have difficulty in a business partnership with Iran. Here it is also speculated that the joining of Iran and China can give a different boost to terrorist activities. 

Considering this, as a break, America has started to join the rest of Arab countries and Israel. This is in a way a response to the friendship between China and Iran. Also, being strong enough militarily, Israel can also do a big job in ending terrorist activities from the Middle East.

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